Tuesday, November 07, 2006

*&^%$#@ Rain Like Cat n Dog!

What : Staircase Training
When : 7th November 2006
Where : Jinjang Utara, Kepong
Menu : 17th Floor x 5 = 85 Storey height

Cinya geram! Reach KLCC b4 6pm, suddenly rain like cat n dog. After change my baju, quickly run to der bench area to cover myself from getting wet. Hope for der rain would stop, kan nee neh getting more n more heavy. Sumore thunder kau-kau lat, n me waited until 6.45pm kenot tahan liao. Strait poof back to home for my kau-kau lat staircase training, n due to out of time. Me cut down der resting time, coz i wan to watch drama Astro Wah Lai Toi (Tai Kee Kuk) today. So overall cinya der suffering, due to not enuf resting. Hu hah.. hu hah.. hu hah... i'm still breathing brother!!

Set 1 - 1m 43.02s
Set 2 - 1m 40.54s
Set 3 - 1m 35.03s
Set 4 - 1m 36.79s
Set 5 - 1m 32.92s

Warm Up 600m & Warm Down 600m

Lai Fong Sang oso do staircase training for 22nd floor x 4 at his homeground (2'37, 3'03, 3'34, 3'04)

Lai said "cinya khangkhor, sibeh jialat! whole head all are little stars! If i do the 5th time, sure pengsan wan!"

Tomoro Menu : 800m uphill x 6 at Deer Park, Lake Garden.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't do staircase training anymore. Opt for indoor training/stadium, gym or swimming at in-door pool. Then, u'll go larian biru, larian merah, larian hijau...liao!