Friday, December 29, 2006

Run with Jeremy again - By Pm 8 Chen

I was going for a 7k ez run, after influence by the hard core runner tey, he say weather is gud n cloudy, no run u will regret rest of the years.

I was hardly find a ppl in TTDI, but not the monkey n mosquito, so my pace getting slower n slower , what to do no one pace or pressure me

… until the last 500meter, then I heard voice call “hello chen!” . Me of course hello back lah, but with the spooky voice… ‘hElloooOooo’ …

Oh, it was the 2 runners turn triner… Jeremy n Hashim… they ask, why go so slow, come run last 3k with us… huh? ok, got pacer I suddenly wake up fresh from the sleepy n moody run.

I ask them ez run ah? “Nope, just finishing the last 3k of 18k hard run.” Fulamak, weekdays also so damn hard core… these tri-ny people really make runners head bow-down by the way they train… eeeerrr, ok lah, not all runners, errr…. Ok lah just ME! Okie dokie now? Huh?!

We just go normal pace for 2k plus, I lead all der way, I just like run 2k only, very energetic… n have a evil plan 2 whack them in last few hundred meter… kekeke… this time no way I will lose, I run shorter distance, enuf rest, feel gud in the course… what else I miss calculate?

When reach 300meter to end, b4 try 2 turbo, Jeremy already say, come let us finish strong, alright man! Not me say one man! Eat the right rice man! I say loudly ‘wei not fair ler, I finishing 10k only, u ppl finishing 18k!’ ‘u just pull us 2 get the speed ler!’ wahahaha! Okie dokie, what else I wait, just push to turbo engine n feel the wind on ear! So syoik ! Just a bit funny, I suppose hear the shoe stepping ground sound shd be more far n far away fr me… but it keep on closer n closer, shd be my shoe sound echo… yup, must be! No wor, the echo is totally unsyn with my one, no my own sound ler… wan 2 turn bak to check, the giant shadow is passing me like a dark fierce horse! I won’t let him go , I press until I feel choking and thigh pain, still keep on push… but he is way 2 good 4 me…

At the end point, I just can point finger at him and say, ‘gud ya! Gud ya!’ while I almost wan to throw out from the stomach… how can a junior veteran run extra 8k n still can out pace me ? Sleep also my face turn down…

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