Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saying Goodbye to 2006 wit a Bang!

Another wonderful yrs of 2006, which i break a few record n lausai so many places hahaha! I did a personal best 21K in 1hrs 33mins 15sec @ PJ Half Marathon, too bad i miss der Subang Jaya 10km Run, coz that is der only actual 10k race in msia, I so desire to break that 10k course. Nevermind, I will target that for 2007.

Beside running, me oso manage to take some time to organise such a few event. Such as, Pacemakers New Yrs Run, Run for Terence, Pacemakers Anniversary Run II & Der Pacemakers Network Run. Wow! I couldnt believe I can handle this such event, of course from der help of der Pm's too. haha!!

Beside running in Klang valley, I oso travel to outstation run wit der gang. Penang la, Ipoh la, Seremban la, Kuching (Sarawak) la, Singapore la & der further Thailand, one in Bangkok n one in Hadyai.

To my bonus, I manage to find a team for der Penang Round The Island Relay. Wat a wonderful event to end der yrs of 2006, for sure 2007 will be another challenging yrs. Sumore der Pm's oredi reaching to 45 gang liao, so der ranking pts n medals tally will be in der hottest news.

Last but not least, I may not write as good as other, but I hope u guys do enjoy my write up for der whole yrs of 2006. Wishing everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2007 n Pia for PR, Pia for Medals & Pia for Ranking pts!

brought 2u by Captain Pm1


nezz said...

Happy New Year PM1, PM21 & gang!! See you in action in 2007!!!

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