Monday, January 29, 2007

Der Most Irritating Runner

Warning 2u!
If u are racing wit this runner bib ****, better watch out.
Whenever u are getting close to his a$$, he will sure sprint like mad cow. And der worst part is, when u oredi ahead of him liao hor, he will sure pia wit full force to overtake u and suddenly slow down or tekean break infront of you. Cinya amkan! Making der pacing go kelam kabut. This is not der 1st time I see him do like that liao, many many races oso like that wan. I still remember der worst I ever had is last yrs GE30K, running behind his buntot for almost 30mins like that. Cinya beh tahan, that why I run until pancit kau-kau lat bcoz of irritating pace. This yrs I saw him at GE30K again at 2k mark, this time I make der smart move. Quickly turbo fast fast when he oredi slow down der pacing, wit that he was never in my sight anymore.

If u dont believe wat I hv say is truth, or maybe u think i juz talk kok nia. U can refer to John Tan, he oso hv der same TNS problem.


Gong Xi Fa Cai


John said...

Yes, I shared the same experience during 2006 Seremban Half. Damn irritating like you said...furthermore his foot steps sounded like a dinosaur! I will elbow him the next he runs besides me!!!

Penang Lang said...

Aiya lu ah! Ha leh lor ah neh khuak, hamik su lu ai chao khee lang ay thau cheng? Nar si bo ooi chao, gua beh kong lu lah. Tapi an neh chay ooi chao, lu tiao tee ai khek sio. Lang cho lu ah neh khuan lu suka bo? Cho peng iu, mien cho huan tui lang!

Respect the distance and respect the fellow runners

eepoh hor fun said...

whoever u r: ur physique gives me the impression that you are a strong runner but the content of this blog shows that you are an INCONSIDERATE runner too. why do you have to do that until to a certain extent that John said "I will elbow him the next he runs besides me". I know John is a necie fellar and for him to said that I think you are probably an annoying fellar. If you like to do this why dont you be MAN enuf to do it with the crazy bull, there will surely run after your nice buntot!!!!

Be CONSIDERATE, else you will be elbowed in the next race, not by John but by a group of unknowns

Anonymous said...

My dear John,

You mean to elbow like helicopter lending using propeller to whoever near you during race...(insert

Taylor Hicks