Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Larian perpaduan---By Chen

It was 9am plus, only then the organizer asks runners assembly in start point. Although I the only the shortest yellow banana among the 8 black beans in men open, I don’t feel any pressure, as the medal sure will be in my pocket. Only my 2 Indian friends are in numerous nerves as they want the cash prize.

A few times organizer stares at me with funny look, I think they puzzle how come a china apek come to a race organize by MIC, participate 99% by Indian, which uses tamil and malay as the announce language.

I run my own pace after the flag off; I want to avoid the burn out effect specially run under skull burning hot sun, which cause me to be the last one.

The position is still okay for me, although I forget if I did finish last in any race before. Then situation force my honeymoon pace to be rewrite, the annoying accompany by traffic police is really frustrated; the top group got a traffic police ascot, while the last one also have. I give a ‘please go away face’ to the guy, but he still make big motor sound and siren on his big bike to gain attention, from me and also from people surround.

This really uneasy my mind as I want to stay invincible; and only can think of one solution, that is not to be the last runner.

I push myself until I can feel the pain on thigh, lucky by now I can see the second last runner, and I just patient pace with the guy as now I am not alone.

My chance come when I see the first fly over, which I push that guy until he run up hill and cause hear beat uneven and drop out from his constant pace, good, now I even can see another 2 guys and the annoying officer is way behind me already, what a release!

My confidence and form come, and 2 more runners I manage to split over far far away.

I very comfortable in number 6, after I see how tough are the top 5 peoples fight for top 3 money. They all just like crazy run wild gorillas that punching each other, like blood hungry lion biting each other and like a out of control bull that knocking each other.

After seeing so many blood and bone cracking sound from the group of 5 beasts, I slowly slow down my pace n pull away from the group, in case they see the gentle little pig and think is a predator.

Although I can feel the sun burn on my hair, the smelly car oil in the air while passing by the light industrial area, and the comfortable villagers that relax on a cold ice tea, I still satisfy on this run, as I come out not last, and no need to injure myself in the top group.

But the prize ceremony takes an hour plus to complete and I am bombastic with questions by more than 3 Indian runners and organizer, man, am I look that weak and not capable to come out as #6 in an all black race?

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