Sunday, January 28, 2007

Easy Recovery Run

Friday Night...
Got sms msg from Naresh Pm37, inform me there was a race at subang jaya this coming sunday. Too bad I'm not in a shape, leg muscle still very tight. So I forward der msg to MedalFaceMan Chen Pong Pong, immediately he asking me for Naresh contact number. Hahaha...

Sunday Morning...
Reach bkt aman at 6.20am, glad to hv Saiful, Adam, Khoo Yit Kiat & CK Ang as a pacer. So we started our run at 6.32am, as usual doing der TKP (talk-kok-pace) n Khoo lead all der way b4 last 100m was potong sayur by Adam. I was der last one reach hartamas among der 4 of us, timing show 52m 35s. Adam timing was 52m 02s, follow by Khoo N Saiful at 52m 12s, CK Ang ran out of gas liao. 2mins break, bcoz I need to pangsai, hehehe....

After settle everthing liao, we battle for der 2nd part. Again Khoo lead der pack, Saiful n Adam oso follow very der tight. After der Jln Duta flyover, Khoo pancit liao. Hmmm, I think der pace too fast hor? Anyway I manage to wollap 1 cup of water which was provided for der Chan Chee Seng group runners, after drink feeling cinya fresh liao. Wit 5k to go, I start to tekan der pace a bit faster. Saiful n Adam oso follow very der tight, usually I never beaten by any runners b4 at der Tajini hill. So damn shocking that Saiful juz sayur me so easily at der hilly part, cinya beh tahan, so I tekan again at der mahameru flyover part. Coz that site oso quite hilly oso, Saiful oso follow very closely, Adam was 50m behind. Wit 3k to go, I tekan very hard again. Finally a bit relief, Saiful was not so close to me liao. Wit 2k to go, suddenly Adam come from behind. Kan Nee Neh! I hv to tekan again, press my turbo until last 500m which Adam kenot follow liao, then only I slow down. Lucky he never chase up, else I could hv been in red light liao. Lucky can handle der pressure.. phew!

Der Result :
1' 38.14s - Ronnie See (2nd 10K - 45:39)
1' 38.34s - Adam Loh (45:58)
1' 39.26s - Saiful Azri (46:59)
0' 00.00s - Khoo Yit Kiat (pancit liao!)

brought 2u by Pm1

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