Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Friend Writes To You

I admit that I was in 2 minds to email you but after thinking for 2 days (see I really think about you!) I thought that I can't be considered a friend if I don't do it. Also I'd have failed to live up to the adage of runners helping runners if I don't write you. Therefore here's this mail written in all frankness and I think I speak the same as your other running kakis. So please don't be upset and if I somehow come across as harsh, please pardon my writing.

I have to admit that you're not the only one disappointed with your results. I was curious as to the reason why you took 2 bars which I think led to the start of the problems. In any case what's done is done. Recognize the mistake but never dwell on it. Move on.

As corny it may sound, what didn't kill us will make us stronger and I think it's generally true. It's often how one reacts to setbacks that one becomes the wiser for it. I don't doubt that you can bounce back or run much faster and I'm sure you know that fact too. Your improvements over the Hartamas route is proof that you're already a better runner. Once you've built up the experience and patience, results will just improve (not everytime but definitely on the upward trend).

Old fashion wisdom always hold true for us (gifted ones like CB Leow and Chen don't count).

o Never try new food/techniques/shoes in a race.
o Respect and train the distance. Anything over 20K can do lots to the underprepared and performances under 20K can't be used to gauge the performances over 20K.
o Patience. In terms of training and strategies.
o Confidence. This quality is gained after ingesting the above 3 points,

Your decision to stay away from 30K and the marathon is not the answer. I'm one who believes that the more I fail at a distance, the more I want to succeed in it. Neither should you withdraw into a shell. You have friends who are very supportive of you and that's your source of inspiration to bouncing back. So come back running and of course to the Shoutbox when you can. Paula Radcliffe failed big time through a combination of sickness and the weight of expectations in Athens. But she bounced back in style by winning New York just 3 months after that. You can do that too.

(comprising of some from Der_Pacemaker Team Elite and Der_Pacemaker Team Jia Lat)


Tey said...

DK:Come on man,be relax,sure u can achieve u goal soon after this !!

Captain de Pm1 said...


u want me to TNS u kau-kau lat izzit? one time fall doesnt mean forever u fall, each time i fall, it make me come back stronger. I hope u can do that too! love u only i say like that.. hahaha!!


C-CUBE said...

dk, v still hv a mission together uncomplete - that is run the LG-Hartamas route in 1:50 or less, letz do it together, not this Saturday lah, still recovering from the see STARs feeling and my muscle is still paining.

the comeback kid aka ccube

Tan BoSe said...


Be strong my friend. There'll be ups and lows and we should learn from them, not grief. There's always next year. If you love running, then you should never give up. Race is not just about PR. It's the experience that counts. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

DK, there are times where we don't get what we really wanted or achieve what we really hoped for. But, let it be as it is, maybe we should look on the positive side of us. We're blessed with good health, physically & mentally. It's all up to us to make ourselves & others happy. Cheer up DK!! See you in the next race!!

True runner said...

Hmm... i expect to see u in Kl Full Marathon 2007 so u better be ready. Failing to meet your target is not an excuse,all of us still got weeks to train and improve .....even me a fail to go under 2 hours but im up again training as i know there is more challenge ahead in the coming weeks dont forget u still have to prove that u can PR in the Full Marathon hahahaha....

RunWitMe said...

"Good things come slow - especially in distance running." - Bill Dellinger, Oregon coach.

There always be a next race where you can run faster. Cheer up, dude.

Anonymous said...

DK, I believe GE30K07 is not yr 1st long runs. U'd done full and numerous halfs b4. U should know how 2 carbo load rite? Unless u r doing constant weight training to have high metabolism rate, eating 2 solid power bar b4 runs take time to digest. U should have tried taking them on yr training runs 2 gauge yr stomach respond. It's like eating a full meal b4 running, aw.....I dont feel comfortable thinking of that! Might cause appendix. Wollap power gel b4 & during the run would b better. Nevertheless, it's just a fun run & u got yr medal rite?

Lai Fong Sang said...

"Failure is the mother of success!" Bear that in mind. One time failure doesn't means that you will be failed forever, learn from the previous experience so that you won't repeat the same mistakes in future. Anyway, there is still many races to come, plenty of opportunity to bounce back.

Anonymous said...

DK, what is all these nonsense? Winners do not give up, quitters do. I've had my share of good and bad of running. By the way, not many people know I was having (and still am) a very chronic bad cough for 2-3 weeks. For that period I slept barely 4 hours each nite. The night before the race I only managed to sleep 2 hours! I still pushed myself to complete the race regardless of the timing. Giving up is not an option when the obstacle can be overcome. Just work around it. Be strong!

Kevin Chow PM32 said...

I posted the last comment above.

felixdbear said...

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
Besides, I dont think it is a failure to you because anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
There are a lot more races ahead which we are looking forward.

Anonymous said...


Running is supposed to be fun not a "working" project where targets and objectives must be met.

Even if you fail 10 times, you should still continue for the sake of health and not glory.

Keep up the good running!

Anonymous said...

I'm frequent visitor to PM blogspot and also a keen full marathon runner. I've been running actively for the past 3 years and participated 7 full marathons. Until now, I'm just an average runner. I must say that running beyong 20km is always a challenging experience. You need to be physically and mentally strong in order to get a better timing. I hope you know Uncle Hooi (69 year old), who is a consistent marathon runner (Average finishing time: 4:35 mins). I've lost to him in every marathon for the 1st 2 years and finally beat him from 3rd year onwards. From thereon I never look back and I know I will not give up challenging my limits everytime I run beyond 20km. It's my hobby and passion to run, not even my family can stop me.

Going up to the award podium or striking a nice photo in GE 30km are not my dream but my target is improving my pr every time I run and I know I've been doing that consistently. Until now, My ultimate aim is to achieve sub 4 in full marathon, which I know this is the year, now is the time and I'm the man to beat it. Basically I've achieved 4:10:54 hrs in the last Singapore marathon and 2:37:06 hrs in GE 30km and I feel very strongly about achieveing sub 4. It's just up to me to be physically and mentally ready for it. Don't forget, it took me more than 3 years just to reach where I'm now. Similiar to you, I have a wife and a young kid too. What I'trying to say is, long distance running is not a one time thing, but it's a long, long, long journey and it takes time and efforts to achieve what you want.

I hope you will be strong, knowing tha many people care about you and they also believe that you can do better next time. Do keep up the positive efforts and you see the results in future. One thing for sure is, you are not alone and we as long distance runners understand your feeling and are willing to give you our shoulders to cry on.

C-CUBE said...

anony: i hv no better comments to put up, u hv nailed down all the points which i 100% agreed with you. hope to meet u one day in those races.

comeback kid aka ccube

zebrallini said...

oi DK .. lek aaaa .. i got injured for almost a year N i was robbed of my running .. i'm struggling to come back but that is not going to stop me.

if i can do it .. so can you

urs is just a slight hiccup .. no biggie ..

u'll bounce back .. always be positive in life :)

Boon Keat said...


I only meet u once, which was pacemaker network run in KLCC Park last year. Since then, I know u is really someone who loves running.

Fyi, I have to stop running for almost half of the year due to my surgical operation in august 2006. Currently, I'm trying to start my training back. Yet, I can only run for ~3km and it took me 25-30 min to finish the distance. Compare to my timing where I took part in astronaut run (12min in 3.5km), I’m so upset about my current stamina. However, this is not the end of my running story. By going through more training, I will soon gain back my stamina, and I believe I will be back in action for all kind of race.

For your case, I strongly believe you won’t give up that easy. Quit 30km and marathon is just some words of frustration after an unsatisfactory run. So, I’m looking forward to run with you in future marathon (not KLIM2007, I can’t back in shape that fast lah). Take care.

Strength and Honour!

Boon Keat from OX team

Dinesh said...

Guys, let me reassure all of you I never had the intention of quitting the marathon or 30k distance.

But I must say I've been really enjoying all this attention I've been getting hahaha!

Actually I did say that I will not be running 42km this year, and that was in the context that I've learnt to respect the distance and more likely than not, I will not have the time to put in the kind of training required to run a good 42km race.

So the idea is to limit my race distances to 21k this year and give some good effort into those events.

So to all of you who thought I have gone out of my mind.. don't worry ya, I am still the same DK with the same spirit of running.

After all I am into running for the long term and for many many years to come, perhaps even till I am Uncle Hooi's age!! Who knows ya? So there will still be the chance to run many marathons and 30k runs.

Once again thanks for all your concern and advice.. but the anonymous are rite.. I should have known better than to try something new on race day.. 2 powerbars somemore... itulah akibat menjadi kiasu!! Hahahaha



C-CUBE said...

S E M A N G A T.....thats the word, i believe we runners are damn semangat!!! Rain, shine, hot, cold...watever it is, we will take up the challenges. I am learning fr KNN.

Anonymous said...

Hi DK,

Glad that you've finally cleared the air. Treat every race one at a time. To me, you did well in the GE 30 km in your condition. I see it as how you have fought to complete the course in all the adversities. That's an achievement. Running is so special to me because winning (never won any race anyway in my life time)is not everything. It's not my bread and butter. It's just for exercise. Let me share some troubled moments I had. In 2003, I was not fully fit for the 15km race but completed it in 1hr 32mins 49 secs. I stopped after 6 mins. Some runner, instead of encouraging me, were condemning me that it was a 15km race and I had made a stop after about 1km. I knew what I was capable of..... I knew I could complete the course although the time won't be 'good' to others. It was an achievement because I was not at my best and lacking in training. Was back the following year and finished 48th with the time of 1hour 12 mins and 52 secs.
PJ Half Marathon was my favourite and I did my best in 2001 finishing 87th with the time of 1 hr 37 min and 25 sec. I had my worst run in 2003, finishing 224 in 2 hr 1min 35 sec, missing the certificate of merit..... bad but it was still an achievement for the condition I was in...... normal lah..... lack of training.

Penang Starwalk is my favourite too... this year I finished outside the medal finishers. Frustrated? Definately. Reason for not doing well? No training for the whole week. But I take it that I know how I could fare in such condition. It did not discourage me but confirmed my belief that I could be better when the 'conditions' are favourable.

Took part in Befriends's walk last year. Winners cheated. They did not walk. If they must win at all cost at the expense of others. That's their problem. It's only a charity walk, my objectives are for charity and exercise. Winning would be a bonus. I considered myself as the winner although I didn't get the medals and hampers - win because I walked all the way, win because I can resist the temptation to cheat and win because the winners had never been faster than me in race walking. Sure going to have a go again if the event is held this year.

GE30? FYI I only did 10.5km run on Sun and Fri and then the run. Of course couldn't pia with others. I started at the back and had to remind myself to constantly pace at 7 min per km. Even Ah Loong took pity of me, offering to fill up my water bottle. Thanks for your kind gesture, Ah Loong. I took 4 stops to massage my thigh as there were signals for muscle cramps. It took me about 2-3 mins each stop. But it helped me to jog decently and definately at a faster pace than walking all the way back last year. Last but not least, I owe an apology to Kevin Chow. What Khee Meng commented about some runners sprinting to the finishing line bothers me. Before I overtook Kevin I was sure I would leave me at at 5-10 steps behind. However, if I did not manage to secure the gap, I am truly sorry, Kevin.

Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap