Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Great Eastern PACM 30K Run - Race Report

Before I Happy like a Lan (Cock)
I was stranded in der toilet for almost 10mins, der race is about to start liao. I was so kan cheong, time oredi 5'59.30 mean I only hv 30s to shiet everything out. And yes indeed, timing ngam ngam hoe. I shiet everything out in 25s nia, a world record for me. Once out of der toilet, I heard a loud noice... Bang!! Der race officially start, Kan-Nee-Neh-Lampah! I was speeding off like mad cow. Sumore start from der back row, hv to run zig-zag way to avoid der runners. Cinya der suffering, after a few distance liao. I manage to stay close behind Chen Fong Fong n Lai Fong Sang, so I juz follow Chen pace to relax myself after der pia in der begining. After 6km saw Jeremy liao, he is my top list sayur. So I say to Jeremy, "Come on let pia together" He say still too early, har?? So I dont borther him lah, take this opportunity to built der gap n stay away from him. Surprisngly Saiful der Pm45 was infront of me, I potong him at 10k mark. But Chen Fong2 still keep me pressure.

Complete my 11km at 51'28, mean out of der tugu trafik light. Suddenly I turn around, kenot see Chen liao. Hmmm, wat is he up to ahh? Dont care lah, continue my sayur pace. That mean der only Pm's left for me to sayur is Gunaselan der Pm39, he still running strong. Honestly I must to thanks to one of der Klang Pacer veteran runner, I hv him as my pacer thru out der whole run, else sure boring like hell. After 15km at der hilly part (goverment ofis) saw Guna walking liao, so I sayur him lah. But der Klang pacer runner kenot keep up der pace wit me liao, so I pia alone loh. After reaching der petronas u-turn, aiya! forgot to press my split time. Stop for a while, drink n do some stretching, coz muscle cinya tight liao. Continue my run, saw many runners at opposite site was so close to me oso. Hmmm, I saw Guna, John, Saiful in der leading pack. But where is Chen ahh? Still keep me pressure.

Happy like a Lan
Before reaching der to finishing line, wit 4km to go. I oredi know my dream of achieving sub 2'30 is reachable, from there on. I turbo kau-kau lat, der only sayur I can see is Abu cousin. Abu cousin is on der top speed runner, if u see how he run. Is really amazing, der way he lift up der leg cinya high high wan. I manage to cought up wit him wit 1.5k to go, n give him some word of encourgement. Say to him "come on, let's turbo together", but he seem like in der red light liao. From there, I turbo solo all der way to finishing line. And of course, I will turn around make sure Chen Fong Fong is
not near my buntot. Wit juz a few meter to finish, I saw Cb Leow. Actually I hv der chance to potong him, but I dont want. Bcoz I want to hv a nice photos finish mah, hahaha 1st time u see me so sporting hor? Quickly go n buy Beh Pioh (4D). Anyway, I oredi achieve my target liao. To beat CB Leow or not, it doesnt matter anymore liao. Hahaha.... (insert talk kok)

Cinya happy, improve 13mins from last yrs timing. And manage to beat all der top seeded runners in my sayur list. Ie.. Jeremy Sarus, Chen Fong Fong, Ben Swee from Spore, John Tan & Kenny Tham. Except for CB Leow, full respect to him. He still remain one of der best long distance runner in der malaysia. hahaha!!!

Running full marathon for me? I still dont hv experience yet, bcoz of my patient mah. I always want to pia wan in race, for marathon is a damn long journey. No play play, respect der TNS distance.

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The Eraser said...

Wah!!! sub 2.30 ... Congrats!!!

Captain de Pm1 said...


Thanks, and congrats 2u too!!

Penguin 2 said...

Captain Der PM1,

Congrats !!!

I really enjoy reading your humorous report. Maybe because it is of the same frequency. Keep it up man !!!

Anonymous said...

PM1, u've improved so much.. yr good performance has proven it all.. congrats!! keep it up always.. :)

Lai Fong Sang said...

Congratulations on your excellent performance in GE30K 2007, enjoy reading your report too!