Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Larian Happy Thaipusam & Hari Wilayah 2007

Vanakam... Happy Thaipusam & Hari Wilayah! Tomoro is oso public holiday for KL, so Selangor pls dont jeles ya.. kekeke! So we will be having long distance run. As usual lah, meet at Bkt Aman car park. Distance only 20K nia, there will be 2 starting time. 6.00am flagoff by Ccube. 6.20am by Pm1. All are welcome and pls bring some muruku if u dont mind ya :)

FYI, Dataran will colse route at 5.30pm to 12midnight on 1st Feb 2007. So hor, morning still save lah, dont worry about der closing route mah. This msg is specially for Shine der Popo Mama Aunty.

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Samy Vellu said...

Vanakam! Dei, can i be joining you fit pundas on your run tomorrow? I'm free to co-flag off both the 6am and 6:30am categories. I've got plenty of training flagging off people ma... PBR 2006, Launchng of this toll and that toll, anything to do with flagging, i can do? How? If ok please contact my secretary @ the MIC HQ ya?

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Anonymous said...

wei! where you got the info ah? where got ft day parade starting in the evening wan?

Anonymous said...

On second thought, I may start 6 am and run at TKP (talk co*k pace) and after that leave for Batu Caves to carry kavadi insert "veil..veil")

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Ronnie See Arumugam