Thursday, February 01, 2007

Larian Thaipusam & Hari Wilayah KL

Another wonderful morning run, many thanks to Kenny Tham, Adam Chick, Lai Prefontaine, John International Runner & Aunty Shine Shine as a great pacer. Der 2nd batch run flagoff at 6.32am, according to Lai Prefontaine. He say wan to take 1hr to reach hartamas, so I think shd be no problem gua. Since it juz a easy run only, but after 500m, Lai oredi start built der gap liao. After reaching der Tajini area, Lai gone in a smoke liao. After cross der Jln Duta flyover, meet Aunty Shine Shine, holding 1 basket of sayur. He was on der way back from pasar. We manage to persuade him to join us go pasar again, reaching hartamas supermarket at 52:45s. Lai timing was 49mins plus, plenty of time for him to buy vegetables.

On der way back, look like everyone basket full of sayur oredi. And oso time to sayur each other. Again, Lai oredi sprint fast fast wit his sayur liao. Everyone start to focus on him, but juz couldnt near him at all. Saw Saiful after 1K from pasar, saiful was late n I know for sure he will try to potong sayur us too. I hope there is still some sayur left for him at der pasar lah. At Tajini hill liao, Lai still manage to hang on. Me, Kenny, Adam n John still stick very close to each other. After come out from der hill liao, everyone start to break apart liao. I still keep my spirit high to chase Lai Prefontaine, at 3km still kenot near him, at 2km oso kenot near him. Grrmm... Finally at last 1km toward Jln Parlimen long stretch, I manage stay close his bontot. We elbow each other wit der sayur during der last hurdle until finishing loh... hahaha! Selamat Hari Wilayah!!

Also celebrate der Thaipusam run are, Kenneth Kor Kor, Ccube @ Saucony, Ah Fook Ironman, Chen Pong Pong, Saiful Azri & Richard Habeya.

der last 10K Timing:
45:01 - Ronnie Arumugam
45:26 - Lai Prefontaine
46:24 - Adam Taylor Chick
46:55 - Saiful Power
47:46 - John International Runner
49:15 - Kenny Tham
00:00 - Aunty Shine Shine [Disqualify]

brought 2u by Captain Pm1


Saiful's Run said...

rionnie arumugam!u got nice name!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, how to reg for the PD Half? If I'm still alive after KLIM I might give it a shot.