Monday, January 01, 2007

My 30K Pratice Run

Dont know why, morning wake up oredi feel very excited about my 30k liao. Reach Bkt Aman at 6am, meet John Tan n congrats him on his recent Marathon PR 3' 33.08. My pacer for this 30k is Lai Fong Sang, yeah dont play play, even tho Lai never run 30k b4, but I'm very confident he will give me a good show. So we started our run at 6.19am, n Lai oredi start der fire liao. By 2.5km, Lai oredi 30m ahead of me. By 4.5km Lai oredi 60m ahead of me. From there, I start to get kan cheong liao.. coz almost kenot see him liao. Lai pace is like rocket, getting faster n faster. After pass by der Jln Duta flyover, KNS!! My stomach suddenly create problem for me, want to pangsai liao. Damn! I hv to bear der pain until I reach der petronas station, then hv to quickly pia all to der station in a uncomfortable way. Reaching there in time of 49mins plus, then quickly poof to der toilet to settle my big thing. Lai did unbelievable time of 49'15, 28s ahead of me.

After settle my big thing, cinya light liao der body n ready to rock der 2nd 10k. Same as b4, Lai is ahead of me. Until der Tajini housing area (4km to reach bkt aman), Lai oredi in red light liao. His pace is slowing down a bit during der hilly part, from there I start to potong sayur him. After that, I hv to run solo all der way to lake garden. While b4 reaching to Lake Garden guard house, I waited for Lai, coz he is not far behind from me. I need to wait for him, bcoz I scare he turn wrong way. After Lai arrived, we proceed to children playground. Where Pm21, my lovely wife. Provide water for us, we stop there for water station in every loops we run.

Among all der suffering, running in der loops in der toughest part especially when u are oredi pia in 20k. Der mentally hv to be strong, every loops I run I hv to mantain der pace. As long as I dont run above 11'30 per loops I'm on target for sub 2'30, while running for der last loops. I hv miss count, asking Pm21 dont need to wait for me liao for water. Due to my error, I hv to drink tap water. Wet myself in der head, coz is getting a bit hot liao. After that, pia all der way to finishing line in 2hrs 27mins 10sec. Lai did a superb time too, he finish in 2hrs 33mins 17sec.

Overall, cinya happy wit my run. Achive my target time, my leg can last for a longer distance n only der body are tired. Compare to last yrs training, after finish 30k next morning der leg like jelly. Der only thing i didnt prepare was, wearing der wrong lousy underwear. Shld hv wear der swimming trunk, instead on der lauyah underwear. My KKC area cinya painful, espeacially when I'm taking shower, can jump up to der ceiling loh, n walking oso kang kang hahaha!!

Pm1 - 30k Split Time :
9.9km > 49' 43.19 - from bkt aman car park to sri hartamas
9.8km > 46' 32.82 - from Sri Hartamas to Tugu trafik light
0.5km > 02' 18.32 - from tugu to lake garden
2.3km > 11' 21.63 - 1st loops
2.3km > 11' 25.07 - 2nd loops
2.3km > 11' 22.95 - 3rd loops
2.3km > 11' 20.14 - 4th loops
0.6km > 03' 05.88 - from Lake Garden to Bkt Aman car park.

Lai Fong Sang - 30k Split Time :
09.9km > 49' 15 - from bkt aman car park to sri hartamas
10.3km > 50' 27 - from Sri Hartamas to Lake Garden
02.3km > 12' 11 - 1st loops
02.3km > 12' 35 - 2nd loops
02.3km > 12' 31 - 3rd loops
02.3km > 12' 41 - 4th loops
00.6km > 03' 36 - from Lake Garden to Bkt Aman car park.

Total Timing & Distance for Pm1 : 2 hrs 27 mins 10 sec (30km)
Total Timing & Distance for LFS : 2 hrs 33 mins 17 sec (30km)

brought 2u by Pm1


Dinesh said...

It has nothing to do with your underwear. Go and use some lubricant or petroleum jelly and apply between the legs before running 30k next time.

John said...

Well done! Now I have two very strong and capable challengers for this coming 30km run...!

LFS said...

howcomeLFS can run so fast one?

Real punya Lai Fong Sang aka pm38 said...

It was really a great run with you on last sunday! Thanks a lot to rachel for voluntarily JAGA water station.
Awaiting for another 30km practice run this sunday.