Saturday, February 03, 2007

Battle of der Kolompur Runners

Make arrangement wit Kenny Tham ML, Lai Prefontaine & Saiful Power Root. Instead of sunday, we change our plan to run on sat. Coz everyone oredi hv a good rest on friday, after a hard run on thurs. Lai wanted to start early, bcoz he need to go to work after der run. So we plan to start early at 6.15am, as everyone arrived on time. Saiful still no where to be seen, so start our run without him at 6.20am.

As usual, after 1K Lai oredi on der turbo liao. As Me n Kenny juz stick together, but this time we less talk kok. Der 1st 10K not so much action happening, reaching Hartamas at 52mins plus. Then quickly pia to toilet [insert fart here]. After coming out of der toilet, saw Saiful ngam ngam finish his 1st 10K at unbelivable time of 47mins plus [insert WOW! here].

After a few mins rest, time for a big showdown. As wat I know, Kenny want to revenge kau-kau for his thurs disapointment. This time four of us start together, as der moment I say go. Lai sprint like mad cow, follow by Saiful, Kenny n I'm der one who sapu lantai at least for der half of der distance. B4 reaching to Tajini hill, everyone of us are so close to each other liao. As I know my only chance to sayur them is at Tajini hill. Saw Lai in red light liao, so sayur him kau-kau lat. After coming out from there, sayur Saiful at der 2nd hill, Kenny juz follow me very close behind. After sayur Saiful, I decided to slow down my pace a bit, coz cinya beh tahan oredi, so breathless liao. Thank goodnees Kenny n Saiful oso slow down, I think they hv a plan. After not so tired liao, I slowly increase back my pace. Coz is finishing line is getting nearer liao, n der heartbeat oso pump very fast. I hv try to pull away from them, but fail.. coz they oredi know my plan [insert GERAM here]. Wit 1K to go, is time to see who want to start der fire. Wit 300m to go, Kenny suddenly leg n hand up to der sky, pia like no tomoro left. I totally kenot get close to him, he is totally in top form today espeacially wit his red color vest on.

Overall, me cinya happy wit der run. Eventho I was beaten by Kenny, but I really feel honour to hv Kenny, Lai & Saiful running wit me. Making this training so memorable n most important eveyone hv a quality run.

Result [1st 10k, 2nd 10k & overall timing] :
47:17 / 44:33 [1' 31:50] - Saiful Power Root
49:02 / 44:42 [1' 33:44] - Lai Prefontaine
52:16 / 43:40 [1' 35:56] - Kenny Tham Meng Lung
52:23 / 44:07 [1' 36:31] - Ronnie Haile Arumugam
56:23 / 55:13 [1' 51:36] - Ah Fook Ironman

Kenny Tham report can oso be view at here!

FYI, Our next long easy run wit be on 17th Feb (sat), max is 25k only. After CNY is racing season oredi, so dont know when is der next long run gonna be.

der Super 6 Series Event :
25th Feb - FTAAA Cross Country / K. Kangsar Run
04th Mar - Larian Gemilang / Circuit Run III
11th Mar - Smart Tunnel Run
18th Mar - KLIM
25th Mar - BP Orange Run
01st Apr - PD Half Marathon / Malakoff Dualthon

brought 2u by Captain Pm1

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Prefontaine said...

Me too, really feel honour to have you guy to run together.