Thursday, February 22, 2007

Larian Gong Xi Fa Cai 3 / 3 Conclusion liao!

When : 22nd Feb 2007
Time : 9.35am
Distance : 3.65km per loop (Lake Garden)
Who : Ronnie, Kenny, Saiful, Sim Boon Haw & Loco Lai
Photografer : Sim Boon Haw

Der final episode of Gong Xi Fa Cai run ended in extreme suffer for everyone, espeacilly der uphill n der super heat. But it was a good run, n a good training for der coming cross country on this sunday. Kenny lead us to der direction of Extreme Trail route of 3.65km, which cover der whole lake garden area. Der 1st loop was a bit uncomfortable for me, coz not get use to der trial route yet. 2nd loop a bit ok liao, feeling stronger. 3rd loop start to pia oredi, Loco Lai n Sim oso in der power of pia. 4th loop pia alone nia, coz Lai oredi tired liao, Sim suffer from heat, Saiful lausai, Kenny ran out of inhaler, Boon Seng still in CNY mood. hahaha....

Official Timing :
1' 12:45 - Ronnie See (4 Loops)
0' 56:18 - Lai Fong Sang (3 loops)
0' 58:06 - Sim Boon Haw (3 loops)
0' 59:27 - Saiful Azri (3 loops)
1' 02:21 - Kenny Tan (3 loops)
0' 00:00 - Tan Boon Seng (2 loops)

Pm1 3.65km Split Time :
12'02 / 18'38 / 17'23 / 16'41

I am in super hot form, wait me perform sunday x-country let u all know....!!!

Saiful listen tips from captim

See how Locomotive open his leg and increase lang lah !!!

BoSe back to Malaysia CNY cum LG run

Asthma Man ready to rock x-country

From left: BoSe, Locomotive, Asthma Man, Captim, Saiful

brought 2u by Pm1

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