Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Larian Gong Xi Fa Cai 2 / 3

When : 21st Feb 2007
Time : 7.32pm
Distance : 11km (Double Hill)
Who : Ronnie, Kenny, Saiful, Sim Boon Haw & Loco Lai
Photografer : Tey Eng Tiong

Another Season Best for 4 of us, Thanks to Kenny Tan who setting der super dynamic turbo pace from start until finish. Lai started late, else we can turbo even faster. And I believe, dip below sub 50mins posible. Too bad Lai did not start together wit us [insert Lai Pangsai here].

Everytime try to potong Kenny, he will sure go a bit faster. Timing was 25:16 before turning to double hill, compare to yday 26:30 nia. As usual, everyone start to get serious about der hill. Kenny juz tekan all der way up, there was no way near him at all. My only chance to get close to him neck to neck was at Jalan Sultan Salahuddin area, trying to overtake him, but I was block by der fast car [insert TNS here].

After turning to Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin (Istana Area), Kenny on der turbo again. Tey was there too, taking pictures on our pia run, cinya kam tung (touch). Wit Tey around n taking picture, my power of pia go even stronger. I change to gear #125 to chase der stuburn Kenny Tan, in d end I still lost [insert sob sob here].

Running Double Hill route during working hour is extremely DANGEROUS!!

Official Timing :
0' 51:06 - Ferrari Kenny Tan
0' 51:21 - Ronnie See
0' 51:32 - Saiful Azri
0' 52:22 - Lai Fong Sang
1' 07:26 - Sim Boon Haw (pancit kau2 lat)

What : Larian Gong Xi Fa Cai 3 / 3 - Final Episode !!
where : Lake Garden Playground
Time : 9.30am
Distance : 10.5km (Extreme Loop, 3.65K / loop)
Who : Ronnie, Saiful, Loco Lai, Kenny Tan, Sim BH & Bose.

Kenny Tan pia with captim,one smile face,one suffer face...!!?

Weiiiiii,,,special printing service ah ?

Saiful young and potential....salute ...woh !!

Kenny Tan always smiling even pia....!!

Aiyooo,no lausai also suffer,this kinnia Kenny make me chase jia lat ....!!

Salute to Locomotive LFS...lausai also can survive DH...!!

Sim suffer .....!!

PM19 came to support and chit chat.

Group photo [PM's Manager in center]

brought 2u by Pm1

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