Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Larian Gong Xi Fa Cai - Episode 1 / 3

When : 20th Feb 2007
Time : 6.38pm
Distance : 11km (Double Hill)
Who : Ronnie, Saiful, Yaziz, Abu, Fairuz (Abu Cousin)
Photographer : Tey Eng Tiong

Running wit Saiful at talk kok pace until der turning to double hill, timing was 26:30. From there on, we keep in silent mode n start to turbo like mad cow. It was like racing again each other, non of us want to slow down. Both of us pia neck to neck until finishing line.

Official Timing :
0' 52:49 - Ronnie See
0' 52:50 - Saiful Azri
1' 01:24 - Mohd Yaziz
1' 05:29 - Mohd Fairuz
1' 06:02 - Abu Soffian

What : Larian Gong Xi Fa Cai - Part 2 / 3
Time : 7.30am
Distance : 11km (Double Hill)
Who : Ronnie, Saiful, Loco Lai, Kenny Tan, Sim BH.

Model Larian Terowong....!!!

Martin came so early support pm gang larian GXFC...!!

Mari....mari......once in your life,larian terowong woh....!!

ABU running banyak gaya....!!!!

Ron pia with Saiful (sorry foto blur..hehe)

brought 2u by Pm1

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