Friday, February 09, 2007

Pacesetters 2007 KLIM finisher's T-shirt

Finisher’s T-shirt for KLIM 2007

The PACM exco has decided that the club will sponsor a quality round neck t-shirt (similar to the Mizuno Wave Run one) for any member who finishes the 42km at KLIM 2007 subject to certain conditions.

The registration for KLIM will be your own responsibility. However, you must register with the club before the dateline, showing your KLIM receipt, and stating your size. No changes in size will be allowed as we will print exactly the number/sizes registered with us. This offer is valid only for members who joined before 1st January 2007 and who register with us. You will be given the t-shirt at the finishing point and you must wear it as soon as possible after that.

The dateline is 5th March 2007 as the supplier needs the time to manufacture. Registration is on Sundays at Bukit Aman car park or through email (Munning).

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