Saturday, February 10, 2007

High Blood Pressure Race

What : Acara Jogathon UKM
When : 10th February 2007
Where : Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, KL
Actual Distance : 3.6km (measure by LFS)
Prizes : Trophies 1st to 10th only!

Believe it or not.. eventho this race is not so popular n less participants, but full of international runners (name list pls refer at result below). I could say this is one of der most highly blood pressure race in my life, any single mistake ie.. slowing down a bit, tight shoe lace, site seeing, that it, u're out! According to my view, Multimedia Chen Fong Fong shld be der favourite top ten finisher. Due to unexpected underdog, he lost it very badly n ugly.

Regarding der race organising, their is nothing to shout about. RM3 linggit race, their is nothing you can expect lah. But der RM3 oso include Bread, Mineral water, Certificate & hard earn trophy.

About der battling, as usual at early stage 1km. I was trailing behind Chen n Locomotive Lai at least 100m gap, cinya geram always like that wan. My engine pick up very TNS slow, using Perodua engine is like that wan. After 1km liao, I overtake Loco Lai. Wit 1.5k to go, I manage to get close to Chen. Chen try to breakaway from me, but I never let der golden chance slip away. Stay close to his butt, waiting for der right time to turbo. Before 1km to go, I oredi on der turbo n pia 101% pace to finishing.

Happy bcoz I beat Multimedia Chen, Sad bcoz Chen n Loco Lai were out of top 10 podium. Lai n Chen go back immediately after der run. In der end, I was der only lonely runner waiting for prize giving, which started only at 10am [insert Yawnn here]

My recent hardcore training wit Paul Tergat n M. Ramachandran finally paid off. This both mad fellas are on high voltage mileage ie 120km per wks, is a honour training wit them. Paul Tergat will leave M'sia after KILM 07, he want to go back to afrika liao. So in der mean time, I will take this opportunity train wit him kau-kau lat before he tanam jagung.

Men Open Result:
01) 00:00 - S. Saravanan (KLIM'06 21K Men Open 5th pos)
02) 00:00 - Shaharudin Hashim (GE30K Men Open 4th pos)
03) 00:00 - Murali Nathan (Klang Runner)
04) 12:48 - Abdul Aziz (Power Team)
05) 13:08 - Badri Dauni
06) 13:29 - Mohamad Bin Omar (GE30K Sr. Vet Champion)
07) 13:36 - Mohd Salinoddin
08) 13:41 - Wan Jonudin (GE30K Jr. Vet 3rd pos)
09) 13:42 - Ronnie See
10) 13:47 - EB Robson Gubod (UKM Student)
11) 13:49 - Chen Keat Hoong (Bayern Munich Student)
12) 13:55 - Badrul Hisham (GE30K Men Open 39th)
13) 14:20 - Lai Fong Sang

Pm's Ranking pts:
Pm1 = 2.9pts, Pm8 = 0.6pt, Pm38 = 0.3pt.

Next Stop : KLIM Circuit Run II (Tmn Tasik Titiwangsa)

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