Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crash, Burn & Suck!

What : Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2007
When : 18th March 2007
Where : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 21.5km [LFS to comfirm]
Official Time : 1h 39m 16s / Chip Time : 1h 39m 11s
Average Pace km/h : 4'38 pace /km
Rate as : G7 Event!

* Sorry for my late report, lately cinya bz like kok n spoon.

Race Moment
Bcoz this is one of der G7 event, gua cinya kan cheong. I was standing quite front row too, together wit Zulazlan Pm43, but Zul seem like more kan cheong than me. From der moment countdown start, gua turbo off wit full throat. No one blocking me, I hv a smooth run all der way from starting line. Reaching 5km at 21m 49s, cinya happy still on target for my 4'30 pace. Keep sayuring runners every KM, by der time my watch show 45mins liao. Ehh!! Where is der hack is der 10KM mark? Strait away dont hv der feeling to pia anymore, mean I oredi out of my 4'30 pace [insert TNS KNN CCB LLM FTAAA here].

Then suddenly all der sayur runners come n potong me back. After 47mins of running, finally saw der water station n der stupid 10KM mark. Step on der stupid map hard hard at 47m 38s, then press back my on turbo button. I keep figure out how come my 10KM timing so bad one? Later I found out it was actually 10.5K, mean I still on target one, but too late to know liao [insert cilaka FTAAA here].

Wit another 10K to go, my pacer was 2 runner who was only wearing der 3 quarter pant n running vest. I very jeles who stiil kenot keep up on to them, pia n pia still seeing their bontot most of der time. After 15km manage to sayur one of der runner 3 quarter pant runner, mean 1 more sayur to go. But that fella seem going stronger n stronger, until finally der most jialat part. Which require to go for another 1 big round b4 going in to dataran. I think that fella tot going to finish liao, hemtaming der pace kau-kau lat. Then I saw der official shouting at him, asking to turn right no strait bcoz no ribbon yet. Suddenly der fella pancit liao, feel cinya sorry for him. My watch show 1h 30mins plus liao, I dont think I can PR liao. Der 1 more big round at least need another 9mins or more or at least 1.9km to cover. Imposible.. cinya imposible liao..!

Can hear der sound of finishing liao, try to tekan as hard as I can. Der official no shouting at me, bcoz I got ribbon liao. Despite kenot PR liao, but I still keep der spirit high to pia all der way out n cross der finishing line peacefully.

Mission Fail
Dont know wat went wrong thru out der whole race, to me I think I did my best liao. My mission is to better my last year record, but today seem like not my lucky day [insert pm1 cinya heart broken here].

Past Record:
2000 : 1' 38.13 (21.5K - 46th)
2003 : 0' 46.19 (10.5K - 63rd)
2004 : 0' 45.10 (10.5K - 52nd)
2005 : 1' 40.02 (21.5K - 44th)
2006 : 1' 37.09 (21.5K - 52nd)
2007 : 1' 39.16 (21.5K - 47th)

Seem like Justin Lee record of 1h 35mins still remain upbeatable by any of der Pacemakers except Richard Habeya lah. I tot of running KLIM full marathon next year 2008, but still kenot achieve my target yet lah. Well my friends, guess my marathon will start only in 2009 liao. Cinya cinya SORRY for that n oso cinya SORRY to Justin I still kenot break ur record.. SORRY!

Next Stop : PD Half Marathon (1st April 2007)

brought 2u by Pm1


Anonymous said...

You are not a good runner. Face it. Luckily you are not pacing with the man with the big boots. 100 over medals is useless if you keep accussing other people stupid. Run is fun. What so great about your goddamn split. Finish your 21k under 1:15 then you can think about having your split/pace correct. You are real loser captim. You are the stupidity of road racing. Stop running races then, please...for the sacred of being runner. Cheers!

CP Waterman Yap said...

Hi Captain Ron,

Thank you so much for your moment to moment account of your race. I really appreciate the effort you put in to try to churn out an exciting race report. I must congratulate you for you have indeed succeeded once again. I for one enjoy reading everyone of your race report.

You are so sincere and wrote out every detail of your inner feeling, as we serious runners are well aware that emotion runs very high immediately after the gun goes off. I think your reports are so captivatingly worded in the simplest manner with your much lovable, special and unique jinglish!

Above all I value all your inputs on your timing/ splits very highly. I think they are treasures that money cannot buy. I have used them to formulate my own race goal plan. Yup, we all do make mistakes in races, I am so thankful to you that you mentioned them also in your report so I’m reminded not to make the same mistakes when I go for my races.

Its always a powerful motivational force behind you when you set your mind to go a level higher by targeting someone faster than you and try to be better. This is what I term the spirit of excellence. This way we become a more accomplished runner gradually.This adds so much fun in our runs.

Hi 11:55pm visitor
It is quite obvious that you have completely missed the point of reading racing report. with all due respect I hope you can see us through positive and constructive lens.

Fast or slow let us say to one another with kind words of encouragement.To run and complete a 21k may not be difficult.But to finish with PR after PR is definitely not easy!!! Captain Ronnie is very brave! He must be because he is the captain leading at the front.He is doing a fabulous job!We must all take our hats off for him!

Together lets make PM a happy family ya?

Carboman said...

hahaha H2O: i think this anonymous is one of us lah. purposely want to poke fire @ pm1 wan.... over the years we've learnt to read these postings and really laugh out loud - all done in jest.... that's the fun of pm group - all kena here and there wan... cheers..

Anonymous said...

He he he Carbo: Thanks for the timely rescue & clarification. When someone pokes, another one must fan mah. We are just all rubbing in together @Pm1 ha ..ha.
Sorry lah poor Captain Ron!
A bien tot....

-H2O,the sidelined man

Anonymous said...

Cinya SORRY if anything I hv say is wrong.

Yes, I'm not a good runner.. cinya SORRY.

Cinya SORRY for saying ppl stupid.

Cinya SORRY I can't run 1:15 for half marathon, SORRY.

Yes, I'm a real loser, oso cinya SORRY for that too.

Cinya SORRY bcoz I'm so stupid, but I will still race.

Lastly, cinya sorry making u so upset. May god bless U happly ever after.


Captian Ron

C-CUBE said...

Captim Ron, dont let just one bad comments spoilt ur mood. Like Carboman said, he is probably one of der PM who is poking fun at you. Take this as a challenge rather than a demoralising feedback.

Like wat Visitor, its not easy to achieve PR after PR when the timing is oredi at a mark where a slight improvement takes lots of effort in ur day-day trng.

Strive on, and dun give up. Give a shot at sub 1:30 in PD 1/2 marathon. But make sure you rest well b4 next week race. Just run on Mon, Tue and Thurs. Give it a shot and see how u perform. Pia kau kau lat.....

Anonymous said...

C-cube: Yes,I agree with you 100%! Captain Ron has done his best.We should all salute him!!!

- sub sub H2O

der_pm1 said...

Dear Waterman & Cube,

Yes.. Yes.. i shouldn't let this one bad comment bring me down to earth.

Thanks for ur concern n support, will try my best to rock PD kau-kau lat until I vomit. hahaha!!!