Saturday, March 24, 2007

Profile of Waterman Yap --- France

Howdy Captain Ron,

Thanks for your crispy reply!

You asked me to write a short profile of myself I susah liao! U know hoh I haven't run for more than 3 wks oredi my air now so full up liao dunno where to let out! Some more hoh i long time never take exam oredi so kan cheong man until dunno write ngam or not. So scare wan! So,Captain you please give chance a bit. One eye open one eye close enough lah or better still no eye see pun ai sai wan ok? Cinya cham! Where to begin huh? How to begin? What to begin? Ai yo yo! Ah ma ma! Just tell me to run 10k no need to write profile can or not wan sir?

In secondary school I like all kinds of sport especially Gymnastic, Rugby , badminton, basketball and football. During a C'country season I accidentally discovered that I could out run my Indian classmates. So, I quite like running. Later I found out that when I run alone, I could also think of many things undisturbed.

In the early 80's while studying in the University in England , I was forced to run because of my lack of stamina in badminton competitions. I am a doubles player. Very high standard you played with former Thomas cup players and state players. ( I only estate player!)

After returning to M'sia in 84, I started to work in Hong Leong Finance. So busy those days had to get up early to catch a bus ( mini 12 from SS2) to near Petaling Street KL and only finished work at 10pm. So, working from stars to stars! I started to grow FAT............

Eventually I was promoted as a marketing manager. A fat one!

Potong cerita a bit I ended up working in Bidor running a quarry in 1992. Shortly before my father passed away in Aug 1996, he told me not to be so fat! I was already 91kg with waist 41! That was when I started jogging in Bidor.

At first I could only run 200m the most and had to stop for air! I ran almost everyday a little longer and longer, a little faster and faster. The Bidor running folks loved me. I was their rabbit and they were the hound dogs. They always let me to start my run first and only began to persue after me after 5 minutes. There were so much excitements when all of them came back and reported where exactly they overtook me. I like that game very much. Soon, they found it harder and harder to sayor me. Before long, I have to let them run first. I then became the hound dog!Woof... woof. In 5 months, I lost 17kg and my waist down to 34. I think because of that more and more people join us to run ( more than 40).

I started organizing our gangs to join races from 1997. We went every where including Kuaka Trenganu ( how to spell ?) I saw you many times Captain!!! In 1998 I ran my first full Penang marathon. I saw you also! You were doing the half! Our running motto is " si chew si" - I die if I die. ie. Pia right from the gun until no time to even wipe your saliva! Very much like you all lah!

I stopped going to races since 1999 when I started to serve full time in a church. Races always crashed with church service time.

Came to Paris in 2001. My meeting is on Saturday so I can go races again! I train alone most of the time outside my house by the famous River Seine. Eiffel Tower is 16k downstream from my house. I run 5 times a week from 13K to 21k. Marathon training season then Long run up to 37k. I run on my treadmill when its raining. Once in a blue moon I join my nephews for runs.

I was keened to know how my friends in Bidor were doing in races so I began to search the web. First I found runners high then carboman and then your site. I think from 2004, I have not missed a single write up from you all!!! That's why I said hoh you all are not new to me. So, in a way, I touch down M'sia everyday via internet.

I read a lot of stuff recommended by Dr Jamie - books lah, running articles lah. I put them into practice and started to train differently. Last year, I was so happy to run 1hr38 in a tough Half marathon and also a 3hr48 full marathon ( Thanks again Dr. Jamie).

I am currently sidelined due to an upper back injury. May be old injury from gymnastic when I was 14. I hope to put on my running shoes again soon. Missed the Boston qualifying time of 3hr35 last year by 13min. Hope to do it next time.

Sir, this profile short or not because I kenot tahan oredi want to go toilet liao! So, I write next time ok?

Take care & Au revoir!

Profile (2nd half)

Wow! Our Captain so give chance wan give me extra time to finish profile.( I curi curi correct some spelling mistakes also lah) Since I’m also bc hoh so I go point form liao! ( Captain please don’t tolak point ya!)

1) My Bidor people didn’t know how I improved so fast. So I tell u but promise u don’t tell them when u go Bidor run again into the waterfall this year ok? I wanted to improve so much I secretly went to Batu lapan at 2pm ( Tapah to Cameron highland ) to run into the Orang Asli kampong Hill.27 hill climbs for 10k.No pain no gain mah! Then I joined them again in the evening pia session. Until hoh I p…. blood come out with the urine!

2) In 1997 I ran the Penang bridge also. I follow your backside most of the way until coming back up the bridge. I got black smoke coming out my ears and nose and could not keep pace with you oredi. You finished 2hr 07m and I did it in 2hr 09m. You didn’t see me meh?

I’m running out of time liao so I have to pass up my paper oredi!

Many thanks to you Captain and your PM family members for accompanying me with so many interesting write ups. For a far away runner like me I’m much in debted to all of you.Thank you all!

Happy running Guys and gals!

Au revoir or a bien tot!


CP Waterman YAP said...

Ai Yo Captain why u so fast posted my profile oredi cos I still have all the top secret,climaxing details for the 2nd half of my profile wan. Cham liao! fail this important exam oredi. If I know earlier hoh I will tahan a bit don't go toilet first or follow Pm19 style -p.. on the run also can wan.

Tey said...

Bro Waterman:

Is me lah..pm1 ask me to publish..u quickly finish 2nd polish for u..haha...b4 6pm woh !! mean 11am in France.

Carboman said...

H2O: wah lau.... i didn't know you were a frequent visitor. actually the blogs and websites have allowed a lot of us to touch each other's lives. in his podcast, has an episode dedicated to how the running community contribute to the sport. hopefully we can all do the same as well. good luck in qualifying for boston. it's going to be a dream run when you do!

John said...

Hahaha! The best CV for the PM members so far. Welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

Howdy John & Wai Mun the most magnificent running couple:
Am not yet full PM mamber. Captain said my legs must touch down M'sia 1st. Hope he can reconsider my spirit, touching my home land M'sia everyday. Would love to pia with you all one day at KLCC or hill carcosa. I make sure I run until black smoke coming out from all 7 "holes". Ha ha...

- Sub sub H2O

Anonymous said...

Hi Carboman:Thanks will try for Boston and yes, I have your blog set as my home page since 2004. I move from there from blog to blog. Fantastic!

-sub sub H20