Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kenny Tan in SOS

Cinya sad, got a call from Justin Lee at 9.15pm saying that Kenny Tan admited to University Hospital. Heard that he got stomach gastric since tues from bad to worst until hv to go operation tonight. Read his blog u know why Plan to visit him probably tomoro or after work, but for a time being kenot kacau him yet until further notice to imform us der room number.

Dear Ang Kong (God), pls poh pee (pray) my good friend Kenny Tan quickly recover ASAP. [insert Pm1 cinya worry about him here].

Room Number U-0741

Captian Ron


Anonymous said...

Hi Captain Ron,
Greetings from Paris!
Like I mentioned in my previous comment I was concerned over Kenny of his Full marathon preparation.
Anyway, hope u can encourage all your soldiers to take sufficient rest b'4 pia again. I'm also sidelined now and can't run by Dr advice cos of persistent back pain (pia too much).
Take care!


NEZZ said...

Pm1 & Pm21, hope Kenny Tan is OK & to recover soon. Pls convey my rgds to Kenny if u see him today.

Tey said...

Hi,Kenny Tan:

I think u not only good in race,but will pia in recovery,wish to see u in
racing again soon.

Take care of u health,running long term,be patient !

Boon Keat said...

Dear Kenny Tan,

Wish u get well soon.

Boon Keat from OX

der_pm1 said...

Hi Waterman Yap,

Thanks for ur concern n advice, really appreciate it :)

Anyway, very happy to see u keep posting msg into d comments session.

There r so many things I can learn from u as a experience runner, so pls do jam it up ya.. haha!

Best n Regards,
Ronnie See

Abu Soffian said...

Ronnie..when U visit kenny...please send regards to him..I wish he can recovery ASAP n rehat kasi cukup n to all PACEMAKER family take a good care of ourself...jangan DEMAM.

draco ng said...

sorry to u,
hope u are ok & back to normal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain Ron,
Do please convey my warmest regards to Kenny when you see him. Thanks.
BTW I'd followed your running progress with interest. Back in Bidor those days I spent a lot of time trying to formulate the fastest plan to run PR.
Both my nephews here have similar 10k timing like you around 39 to 40 min. But they consistently run 1hr23 to 1hr25 half marathon as oppose to your best to date of 1hr33.Why? I think the difference is in the running plan. I think on paper you are capable of sub 1hr25 half marathon. Will submit a plan to you and would love to see you go sub 1hr25 real quickly.
AS for me, am still on medication for injured back. No running for 3wks already, the legs itchy like anything!Sigh!
Take care & au revoir!

p/s pls tell Tey that I've put some running photos in my site, feel free to visit - photos)

chongwah said...

Hope he is having a speedy recovery. He might not knowing me, but, I always try to tag him in many runs. It was breath choking! Hope to see him on the runs soon.

Boon Haw said...

Hi Captain, please send my speedy recovery wishes to Kenny when you see him. Hope to see him in races soon.