Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Dear running friends ,

I have launched a special service just for runners ,seeing that a lot of runners want to take part in road races but find it a hassle to submit forms and later on collect the bibs and T-shirts .

With my “Time-saver service for runners” and a small fee , all these will be easy for you :

A-Z Service : (Registration for races and bibs collection)

I fill up the forms on your behalf , then I deliver to organiser (1st destination), organiser will issue me receipt , later on when its time to collect the bibs , I will collect your bibs (2nd destination) from the Organiser and deliver the bibs directly to you (3rd destination) .

Service Fee for 1-3 forms : RM 8 per form
Service Fee for 4-8 forms : RM 6 per form
Service Fee for 9 forms and above: RM 4 per form

(* Note :Service fee does not include the entry fee set by race organiser, pls pay me separately for this)

Service 2 : (Just Bibs collection)

If I don’t have your receipt , I come straight to your hse/office (1st destination) and collect the receipt and then I collect your bibs (2nd destination) from the Organiser and deliver the bibs directly to you (3rd destination) .

Service Fee for 1-3 bibs : RM 8 per bib
Service Fee for 4-8 bibs : RM 6 per bib
Service Fee for 9 forms and above: RM 4 per bib

• Note : This service is only applicable to runners in KL and PJ

For enquiries , pls call Kenny Tan der Asthma Man at 016-2273198

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Dinesh said...

Kenny... this is a good service. Runner's too often take advantage of their group leaders or certain members in their group to register and collect bibs for them.

Most of the time we get so used to it that we almost expect it without realising that people are spending their valuable time doing this as well as incurring costs. I am guilty of this as well!

I'll let you know if our Klang group needs your help. Cheers!

visitor said...

Firstly, one have to salute if someone is willingly offering this service. He/she must like running a lot & indirectly also encourage other fellow runners to run. He/she also knows the time, cost & effort spent by running things from A-Z, it's exactly like an 'office boy/despatch'. PM1 also shld be given some credit of voicing out this 'problem' b4. If this service is good, encourage & support it but dont abuse it. It's not easy navigating the whole of KL & S'gor (with traffic/parking/weather problems) delivering resits/bibs.

visitor said...

Considering from the -ve point of view, Kenny is better of not doing this service bcoz in the end he might get more frustrated:

Imagine collecting $ from each runner whom are spread out in every corner of Klang Valley, have do endured the bad jam, furthermore during raining hrs. Petrol is not cheap nowadays brother! If on motobike, worse still getting wet fr d rain.

Getting to & from off or home, if there is no inside parking & it's raining. Or sometimes runners have specific times to collect the resits & bibs bcoz meeting etc. Then Kenny has to follow their time...or worse run a few times.

There might be other situations coming up. Mayb Kenny shld try this out for a short period 1st then decide its feasibilty.

der_pm1 said...

DK & Visitor,

Thanks for der concern & support, really appreciate it.

Captian Pm1

Anonymous said...

I must thank Kenny for coming out with this service and I'm sure the serious runners don't mind to pay a little bit extra for the registration and bib collection service. Most outstation race organisers are very inconsiderate about putting up a registration & bib collection counter in KL (Most runners are from Klang valley).

For convenient sake, I don't mind to even park RM50 with him at all time and he can straight away to register any races on my behalf.

Does this service cover races within Klang Valley? Peninsular M'sia? The whole M'sia? In fact I jus sms him to register for me to PD 1/2 marathon.

I would appreciate if the service can cover at leats peninsular M'sia.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kenny,

I suppose that you would want, as a matter of policy, you reserve the right to refuse any request and not oblige to give any reason.

Good luck & regards

neveS MP

visitor said...

Dear Bong,
U must b crazy, u think kenny works in dhl or fedex ah? 2 cover klang valley where most of the races will be oso pening kapala oledy.

If this service is profitable with that small amt of fees, some one would have set up a organization to do it oledy.

PIM, ipoh half, pd half, SIM, kuantan run etc - sendiri bikin ah........

Anonymous said...

Hi Brother Kenny,
Greetings from Paris! This is a fantastic idea. I could remember those days I'd to come all the way from Bidor to KL to register for more than 20 of our Bidor kaki runners from Bidor and had to drive down again to collect the bibs. Talk about opportunity cost! I quite agree with Bong.( salut! Bong!)
With your service we could easily meet somewhere on race day to pick up the bibs from you.
BTW, if you all should contemplate to run the Paris Marathon ( usually the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of April, only full, no half ,no 10k, More than 35000 participants),do contact me to register for you all.And if you all don't mind,you all can stay with me at my place.
Take care all!
- Yap

C-CUBE said...

Waterman, thx for ur offer, and one day i will step foot onto Paris and run the Marathon!!!

C-CUBE said...

kenny, i am all for it and dont mind paying that fee to get it done.

Anonymous said...

Whenever an idea comes out, there's bound to have positive and negative response but I hope negative commentors can be a little more constructive in giving suggestions if you have a negative comment.

To 5:47pm visitor. Please note that it's always good to have someone incharge of registration and bib collection, especially for races outside Klang valley but within Peninsular M'sia as we can capitalise on one's strength instead of many people go outstation to register for their group of people. Please be more constructive in your comment and please note that I don't mind paying for the service. It's not free at all!!

To PM Captain, I would suggest PM to appoint a Race coordinator. His role is to coordinate with a person (Can be different person) is incharge of the registration and bib for a particular race outside of Klang Valley. The person in charge will set a dateline (may be 1 -2 weeks before the closing date) for people to register thru person in charge. The best is putting up a date and set up a counter on Sun morning in Bkt Aman. Thus there'll be many people in charge for different races and not to put the whole load to a person (The race coodinator needs to help a bit too). Of course, perhaps the fee can be slightly higher and I'm sure the serious runners don't mind about it.

FYI, I don't mind to do the register and bib collection once in a while for races in N. Sembilan, Perak or Malacca.

I've sms to Kenny for registration for 2 persons for PD 1/2 marathon. Since he's not well, who else can I go to for the registration? I need someone to help and don't mind to pay for the service.

Please help!


Anonymous said...

I spoke to PD 1/2 marathon organiser and note that there'll be a registration and bib collection counter at jaya Jusco Seremban on 25/3/07. Please call 06-647 0888 to confirm.


Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with Bong here with all my hands and legs up.

(consider me as your coordinator in Paris.See you all one day here for full maratgon!)

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later this PM is either turning itself into a charity or a money-sucking leech in the name of whatever good services.

Anonymous said...

4:11 visitor,
I think u got your facts wrong. I was paid 10000Rm a month in Bidor and I'd to make 2 trips to register 1 to collect bibs.U know how much opportunity cost there? It will be heavenly if someone can do for us for a fee.
Who is sucking who?
We PM family is all happy folks lah!

- waterman