Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Khoo --- The model of Pacemaker !!!!

Khoo Yit Kiat, born natural runner. Make Pacemakers proud by appearing on der Star, front page sumore.First time in his running history appear in the front page of STAR ,the most popular newspaper in Malaysia.Look his face,didn't affected by the heat inside the tunnel,relax and fight with other strong runner.We are very very proud of you....!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,

We are proud that you appeared in the newspaper...on the otherhand, please make sure your new employee PM29 stay back late to finish his work & jangan ponteng kerja...


C-CUBE said...

Khoo YK,

I am also very happy to see a PM donning a Saucony vest appearing on the national paper, as well as you wearing the Saucony Phoenix as the shoe of choice in the Tunnel run. I do hope donning the Saucony vest and wearing Saucony running shoes do bring you some luck and high performance to start the year.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was surprised when I saw the paper. My colleague showed it to me. I'm proud to be inside, but on the other hand, had the worst run ever. Probably didn't recover fully from my fever. Lucky didn't take pic of me walking!! Don't worry not blaming on the Saucony gears! Was wearing it as it was a longer distance and have not been running much, so I neeeded the cushion shoe!

Had a lot sms about my pic in The Star. So flattered!! Haha! Thank you, thank you!