Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Smart Tunnel Run Picture by Rachel Lee

der Elite Team : Richard Habeya & Naresh Kumar

der Pia team : Chen, LFS, Pm1 & Saiful

Yahoo.. here I come : 100m away to enter der SMART Tunnel [insert Pm1 cinya kan cheong here]

Lim Pueh Tian

Rachel Lee

Finally it's over : Pm1 coming out from der stupid tunnel, YEW!! nothing special.

der Sayur-Man : Kenny Tan coming strong from behind, sayur all der PM's kau-kau lat until last drop. He will be aiming for sub 3:45 in KLIM, I wish him good luck.

Loyal PM's : Jason Lim who oso take part der tunnel run without bib number, but giving full support by wearing der Pm's vest. [insert Shine want to hug Jason here]


Anonymous said...

what laar pm1, runner wear t-shirt also sayur you

Anonymous said...

pacemaker member so poor mea? want to run illegal pulak tu, memalukan

LIM FANG HAU said...


I actually did not want to run and did not register for it. My right ankle was injured and had to rest for 2 weeks (no running/cycling/swimming). My right ankle recovered a few days before the run and I made up my mind last minute to run since 2 weeks did not run. It was already too late to register. My intention for the run was to snap photos and to experience the feeling of running in the tunnel (maybe once in a life time).

fhlim said...

testing. My new hiking / climbing blog is at