Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fly Me to London

What : PD International Half Marathon
When : 18th March 2007
Where : Port Dickson
Start : 7.05am
Cash Prizes : 1st to 10th nia!

So Near Yet So Far
For der first time in my life, I ran in der rain from start until finish. I know wat u guy going to say. Ekceli hor, I can PR want leh. Yelah! I know.. Don't blame it on der rain mah, dont blame der shoe is heavy, dont blame ur sock are heavy, dont blame ur underwear are heavy, don't blame ur kok is heavy.. sigh!

Was full of confident to PR kau-kau lat this time, but der weather really rock me down lah. Der most jialat part was not only der heavy rain that seem like dont want to stop, der jialat one is der tsunami wind that are blowing at high speed of 65km/hrs. I can tell u this kind of wind really can blow you up to london for FOC, sumore I oredi so tulangman liao. But der most scary part was der trafik control, was trying to avoid der flood water at der road side. Some marshall cinya nice, stand at der middle of der road to take care der trafik. Some very der chicken pop, standing at der shelter to avoid rain. Sumore der car are speeding so fast one, [insert pls run on ur own risk here].

Lucky got distance marker, it really help me to run at proper pace. My target pace was 4'30 per km, whichever my split time are slow, I will try to turbo back to cover der lost time. During my run after 6.5km, there was nobody for me to sayur anymore. It was a scary run, nobody at der front n nobody at der back. Wit 8km to go, then only I saw some of der school children category runners.. Phew! At last got some human to see liao. The only runner at my category I manage to sayur was at last 1km to go, he is a foreign runner, I think he pancit liao. Quickly sayur him, n pia for my PR. I ran very hard espeacially der last 1km, pia everthing I hv n cross der muddy finishing line at 1h 33m 29s, 14s away from my PR [insert very der am kam here].

If not bcoz der rain, I would hv enjoy der run very much. Anyway, thanks to Waterman Yap from a long distance call at Paris to wish der Pm's gang good luck. Cinya appreciate it! Too bad kenot PR :(

Pls oso visit at Adam Loh Adrian for more wonderful picture n report.

My 21K Split Time:
01km - 3'51
02km - 4'24 > 08' 16.21
03km - 4'30 > 12' 46.50
04km - 4'42 > 17' 28.75
05km - 3'42 > 21' 11.51
06km - 5'01 > 26' 13.35
07km - 4'29 > 30' 42.39
09km - 8'56 > 39' 38.81
10km - 4'28 > 44' 07.64
11km - 4'42 > 48' 50.59
12km - 4'53 > 53' 43.83
13km - 4'12 > 57' 56.19
14km - 4'22 > 1h' 02m 18s
15km - 5'03 > 1h' 07m 22s
16km - 4'07 > 1h' 11m 29s
17km - 4'38 > 1h' 16m 08s
18km - 4'37 > 1h' 20m 45s
19km - 4'50 > 1h' 25m 36s
20km - 4'03 > 1h' 29m 39s
21km - 3'50 > 1h' 33m 29s

Men Open 21km :
1' 27.22 : Toh Wai Kuen, Pm14 (10th)
1' 30.21 : Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (11th)
1' 30.26 : Hamidon Mat Aris, (12th)
1' 33.29 : Ronnie See, Pm1 (13th)
1' 35.12 : Ben Swee, SG (15th)
1' 44.45 : Adam Loh, Pm29
1' 45.51 : Raymond Hee
2' 04.02 : Lee Yin Fook, Pm40
0' 00.00 : Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (DNS)

Women Open 21km :
1' 57.45 : Quek Ai Ling, SG (9th)

Men Open 11km :
38:24 : M. Arul thevar (4th)
42:54 : Richard Habeya, Pm26 (9th)
46.47 : Gunaselan Rajagopal, Pm39 (16th)
53.27 : Zulazlan Shah, Pm43
56.55 : Joviet Sim Boon Haw, Pm25
00:00 : Lim Pueh Tian, Pm1a (DNS)

Women Open 11km :
56.26 : Eng Seok Jiun, Pm11 (4th)
70:50 : Wendy Lim, Ipoh (9th)
00:00 : Rachel Lee, Pm21 (DNS)

PM's Ranking Points for 21K:
Pm14 = 11.5pts, Pm37 = 8.4pts, Pm1 = 6.3pts, Pm29 = 4.2pts,
Pm40 = 2.1pts.

PM's Ranking Points for 11K:
Pm26 = 9.5pts, Pm11 = 9.2pts, Pm39 = 4.4pts, Pm43 = 3.3pts ,
Pm25 = 1.1pts.

Next Stop : Larian Mesra Polis (8th April 2007)

brought 2u by Pm1

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CP Waterman said...

Most incredible performance from our captain!Bravo!
Hope the PD wind is strong enough to 'fly' you to the Tower Bridge of London, otherwise, you may 'jatuh' on to the Eiffel Tower of Paris instead!ke.. ke.. ke
(Don't forget yong tau foo is on me)