Monday, April 02, 2007

Port Dickson Pictures

Ho Chiak crew at Lucky King Bun Restaurant for lunch

Biggest bun I ever seen (35D)

Port Disckson International Beach, picture view taken at our resort.

Pm1 cinya happy to be here

PM's crew at Port Dickson Beach

Der Pm's gang enjoying fun time at der beach

Adam luv Ai Ling @ Sunshine Bay Resort

Yummy Crab! Eat wit me!

Dinner at Port Disckson Restaurant

Pm1 wit Ben Swee & Tony Leong Chui Wai

Rain or Shine, der race must go on...

Pm1 at finishing line, look it still raining like cat n dog

Glad me hv finish der suffering race

Yeah! Proud to go on stage

Medal at Front View

Medal at Back View

Adam Loh Poh Poh wit his lauyah 70's design fashion.

brought 2u by Pm1


Anonymous said...

Ooiikk, you haven't pay for the bun

The Management
Sky King Bun Sdn Bhd
N Sembilan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my sexy photo. Besides running, I love cross-dressing....

Adam Loh Poh Poh...TNS,CCB, CIMB, CCP

PM discipline board center said...

halo adam,
tangkap gambar mesti pakai baju,
u are under arrest of acting porno style under blospot, anda di denda sebanyak Ruppiah 1000000000 atau di penjara selama 24 minutes. anda hanya boleh di jamin oleh PM member only.....

celaka u, try new shoe with bangali shoe.