Sunday, April 22, 2007

KL Power Run - Race Report!

Actual Distance : 10.93KM
Thanks to Abu Pm44 for der actual measurement.

Dataran Phopia

Ayo! Dont know why lah, everything when come to racing at Dataran me cinya scare wan. My timing always stuck at 46, 47 & 48, kenot dip sub 45mins wan, maybe I need to polish up more on my turbo liao.

Take It Easy
My plan for today is to run 90.1% for der 1st half, then 2nd half only pia all out. Saiful Pm45 oredi give warning liao, he gonna stuck to my buntot kau2 lat. Once der gun blast off, I turbo at consistance pace (not all out wan). As mention earlier, after 500m Saiful oredi at my back liao [insert cinya pressure at here liao], then suddenly Vincent Pm10 sayur me. After that, I stick to Vincent pace. After 3K plus hor, Vincent start to slow down liao. Then I target Guna Pm39, which he is 100m infornt of me nia. Bare in mind, Saiful still follow me very tight [insert GRrrrmmm!!! here].

After 4km like that hor, Guna pancit oredi, wave at him while he was walking liao. Suddenly at 4.5K hor, Saiful on turbo liao. He was infront of me liao, ayo! Jialat forcing to on turbo nia. I didnt on turbo yet, still too early wor.. [insert be patient here]. Grab a cup of water at half way mark to refresh myself, WAH!! suddenly 4 or 5 sayur cut infront of me liao.

And now come to der most suffering part, der jalan duta heart attack hill. I wanna make sure got me sayur ppl, no ppl sayur me.. ahahaha! I manage to sayur back Saiful here, n slowly on der turbo bit by bit. I tot Saiful give up liao, YEW!! Still coming so close behind wan!! After pass by der Indian embassy liao hor, I start to press my turbo buton liao. And meet up wit another fast sayur pacer, his name is Sahibul one of der PACM member. I ran fast, he oso ran fast. Never allow me to run infront of him, jialat another battle again.

Finally wit 1.5K to go, I feel like getting tired oredi bcoz racing wit der Sahibul. Try to stay cool when pass by der Bkt Aman station, coz plenty of runners are cheering there mah. Wit 1K to go, Jack Toh Pm14 suddenly sayur me like rocket nia. YEW!! kenot follow his pace lah, too fast liao. Actually hor, I'm very suffering liao. Want to finish der race quickly as I can, lucky nobody was close to my bontot when entering der padang. Hv a safe ending, without pushing that hard PHEW!!

Finish @ 47mins 30sec (30th Position) If push very2 hard in der begining until want to vomit oso, der best can do is 46mins nia. Damn!! When can I run 45min ah!!

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