Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pm gang pia in Power Run 22.4.07

Group photo after Power run.
Group photo before Power run flag off.
Naresh and other runners ready to start in Power run.
Captim,Vincent and A078 pia in early stage liao...!!!
Captim all out in power run!!
Richard can't fight with Kenyan runners.
Naresh pia with strong uncle from Singapore.
Saiful young and potential.
Vincent pia with Malay veteran.
Justin running ada gaya lah...!!
Guna relax run.
Chen easy rice.
Adam form almost come back liao..pia with other guys.
Khoo Yit Kiat run in smiling,no all out..!!!
Lee Weng Khong 101 % pia in power run.
CM easy run in style,hair also flying in style..!!
Suresh pia in last 50metres for medal.
Zulazlan relax pace in Power run,happy with medal.
Abu decided last minute to pia in Power run ,just miss with medal,but enjoy with met gangs.

P/S:For more photos ,please view at pm22 album3,select Power run 07 and Power run 07(2).Thanks.

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