Saturday, April 07, 2007

Larian Hijau n Larian Kunning Result

What : Larian Mesra 200 Tahun Pasukan Polis
When : 8th April 2007
Where : Jalan Hang Tuah, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 10KM
Medals : 1st - 100th

Men Open Category:
36:48 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (17th)
37:29 - Sean Quah, Pm46 (23rd)
38:18 - Hamidon Mat Aris (25th)
38:37 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (31st)
38:52 - Pauzi Ramli (35th)
39:06 - Gunaselan, Pm39 (36th)
39:10 - Khoo Yit Kiat, Pm28 (37th)
39:17 - Toh Wai Kuen, Pm14 (39th)
40:12 - Shahibul Baharin (40th)
41:22 - Justin Lee, Pm19 (55th)
41:26 - Chen Keat Hoong, Pm8 (57th)
43:19 - Adam Loh, Pm29 (75th)
44:26 - R. Suresh, Pm47 (76th)
44:50 - Teoh Chun Ming, Pm17 (81st)

00:00 - Ng Ping Loong, Pm24 (DNS)
00:00 - Richard Habeya, Pm26 (DNS)
00:00 - Shine Teh, Pm34 (DNS)
00:00 - Zulazlan Shah, Pm43 (DNS)

Men Jr. Veteran Category:
40:02 - Vincent Wong, Pm10 (15th)

Pm's Ranking Pts:
Pm37 = 12pts, Pm46 = 11pts, Pm01 = 10pts, Pm39 = 09pts,
Pm28 = 08pts, Pm14 = 07pts, Pm10 = 06pts, Pm19 = 05pts,
Pm08 = 04pts, Pm29 = 03pts, Pm47 = 02pts, Pm17 = 01pts.

Deduction Raking pts for FFK:
Pm34 = -15pts! (was holding Pm34 bib, didnt want to show up oso no phone call. Sumore need to call him only comfirm that he wont come, do I hv to help him again in future?)

Ready to pia : No wonder I kenot see where da hack is der starting banner, if u come from Jln Loke Yew lah. It was actually block by der digital signboard.

Final Push : Pm1 was beaten kau-kau kopi O, overtaken by 3 runner in juz a split second. Runner bib A040, runner in red vest, n another was block by A040. All of them sayur me wit juz 20m to finish [insert pm1 cinya am kam here] else colud hv finish top 30th position. GRRrrrrr!!

Happy Moment : Glad all der Pm's manage to get medals (L-R : Pm1, Pm19, Pm8 & Pm10)


When : 7th April 2007
Where : MMU - Cyberjaya Campus, Selangor DE
Distance : 6.5km
Medals : 1st - 50th

Result for Men Open :
23:41 - Richard Habeya, Pm26 (8th)
26:04 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (11th)
27:20 - Gunaselan Rajagopal, Pm39 (16th)
28:10 - Chen Fong Fong, Pm8 (17th)

Result for Women Open:
32:00 - Eng Seok Ling (2nd)

Pm's Ranking Pts :
Pm26 = 2.4pts, Pm37 = 1.8pts, Pm39 = 1.2pts, Pm8 = 0.6pt.

brought 2u by pm1


Mr.Balan said...

pm34 shall be strictly dealt with, when the PM disciplinary meeting is held within the next 2 weeks at Bukit Rambutan.Till then,he can reply in here,as to why action should not be taken and if he has valid reason for not turning up.
Actions can range from being easily let off for good behaviour or he has to run@klcc till he makes a PR or run 34km or pay RM34 fine or get 34 knocks with a long thin paper stick(r@t@n).

Anonymous said...

Oi, how can you simply deduct so many points. 5 points enough lar! I got valid reason. I had a wet dream that's why couldn't run!


Anonymous said...


We'll look into this matter. Did you have wet dream after Pm1 posted Pm29 half-naked photo taken in Port Dickson? Then, Pm1 is at fault and his points should be deducted.