Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Larian Mesra 200 Tahun Pasukan Polis

So happy that this yrs Polis Run was held back at Jln Hang Tuah again, it is always very nice to run at heart of KL city. Honestly.. Gua cinya hate running at Dataran route, especially der Jln Duta heartbreak hill. Anyway, I hope to do my best lah for this race, coz I oredi survey der route map it same as yrs 2005 ponya.

To all der Pacemakers who going to rock Polis Run, pls wear der PM's vest, not der Polis uniform ok? Der Disciplinary Board Chairman of PM had set a new rule, every month of der wks. You are require to don der Pm's vest only in selective race. Other than that, is up to ur loyalty. For example as below...

Feb - FTAAA Cross Country
March - SMART Tunnel Run / KLIM
April - Larian Mesra Polis / Power Run
May - New Balance 15km Run
June - Penang Bridge Marahon

PM's in Action :
# A003 : Adam Loh, Pm29
# A004 : Chen Keat Hoong, Pm8
# A005 : Ronnie See, Pm1
# A017 : Zulazlan Shah, Pm43
# A025 : Shine Teh Yee Chuan, Pm34
# A078 : Teoh Chun Ming, Pm17
# A079 : Justin Lee, Pm19
# A287 : Naresh Kumar, Pm37
# A289 : Gunaselan, Pm39
# A598 : Toh Wai Kuen, Pm14
# A000 : Lee Weng Khong, Pm35

Who Else ah?? Pls update me okay!!

Pm1 Past Record @ Polis Run:
2002 : 44min 36sec (10.1K - 36th) Venue @ Hang Tuah
2005 : 43min 24sec (10.5K - 23rd) Venue @ Hang Tuah
2006 : 47min 49sec (10.7K - 63rd) Venue @ Dataran Merdeka
2007 : 00min 00sec (10.5K - 00th) Venue @ Hang Tuah


brought 2u Captian Ron

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