Thursday, May 31, 2007

Farewell to Justin Lee Nia Seng (PM19)

Coming this sunday, Pm19 will be leaving Msia to spore liao. Me as captain of der PM's wish him all der best n happy running. We will always miss u kau2 lat here!

Cinya.. @ Track Meet Kampung Pandan 2005

Cinya.. @ PJ Half Marathon 2005

Cinya.. @ PJ Half Marathon 2004

Cinya.. @ 4 x 3K Relay 2005

Cinya.. @ adidas KOTR 2004

Cinya.. Subang Jaya 10K Run 2005


CP Waterman said...


ah loong said...

ha ha ha
U ar really funny ..

cinya ai and cinya laughing

NEZZ said...

Best wishes to PM19 in Spore!

pm19 said...

cinya! sob sob, Cinya touching, pm1. I will miss you all as well but I'm only 5 hours (or less) away from you. Do drop by once I get settled in. I really hope that this works out for me career-wise.

We now have 3 PMs in the south- that means we can set-up a branch in Singapore liao!

Take care fellas, I'll be back 2wice in the coming month, maybe we can run together. CINYA KEEP IN TOUCH!