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PAR Run III 2007 - Rules & Regulations

"Coming 4th June is Der_ Pacemakers 3rd year anniversary ! As usual we will organise our own yearly event to celebrate this date . Unfortunaly Larian 10km KL was supposed to be held on der same date, we have to give way and postpone our event to during the fasting months. Sorry for the incovenience caused. But as the distance is short, we still hope that our Muslim friends will still join in for fun "

What : Pacemakers Anniversary Run III
When : 23rd September 2007
Where : Lake Gardens , Kuala Lumpur
Time : 7.30am (Sunday)
Format : 4 X 2.3km Team Relay
Registration Fee : RM20 per person / RM80 per team
Maximun Entry : 12 Teams based on 1st come 1st serve basis
Official Photographer : Tey Eng Tiong
Register List :

Dear all, we have come up with some simple rules for our PAR run which should help make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. We hope to get your participation in ensuring that everyone in your team are clear about the rules.

1. All payments must be received in full from each team (RM80) by 2nd of September 2007 Sunday. This is to allow us enough time to get the medals ready. Individuals who are registering without a complete team may just pay the RM20 and leave it to Ronnie (pm1) to make the final team arrangements/draw for those that do not have complete teams.

2. All runners are expected to be at the park by latest 7.15am on race day. The reason for this is to allow you to get to know your team members before the race begins. This is important, so that rule 3 can be followed without problems.

3. Each team will be responsible for their own time keeping. This is due to the limited number of volunteers or race officials available on that day. The last runner would be the time keeper for the first two runners, and the first runner would be the time keeper for the last two runners. Please ensure that each team has a stop watch with split time functionality, as recording each runner's split time would make it more interesting.

4. There will be no bibs/numbers provided for this race. Therefore it is vital that you recognise your own team members to ensure that the 'baton' passing during the relay, as well as the time keeping is carried out smoothly. So once again, please come early and get to know your team members!

5. Decide the order of runners by latest August. This is for the organisers to know who the time keepers are going to be (the first and last runners). This information must be provided along with the payment of RM80. For those individuals without your own team, Ronnie will advice you on your team members and you can then decide on the order of runners as part of your strategy.

6. Each team is required to have a captain to lead their teammates. So there will be fair draw on each team, ie. 1 fast runner, 2 medium & 1 slow runner per team at Bukit Aman car park, date yet to be comfirmed, maybe 9th of Sept.

7. Make sure you have fun and play fair. This is the most important rule of all. Everyone should turn up on that day with the intention of having fun and getting to know each other better. At the same time, since you guys and gals are the race officials for the day as well as the runners, please ensure that everyone follows the rules and plays fair, especially in the case of the time keeping.

8. For those who want to make payment thru bank-in or online payment, kindly email Rachel Lee at (PM's Treasurer) and ask for her account number.

9. Anyone who is interested to sponsor, kindly email or call Pm1 for details, every sponsor will received a corporate trophy as a token of appreciation.

Lastly, remember that safety always comes first. If you see any fellow runner in trouble, be ready to help out as there are no losers in this race, everyone is a winner! And if you spot any cheaters, please point them out too, as runners should be honest.

brought 2u by DK, President of der Pacemakers Network

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