Friday, July 06, 2007

3rd Pacemakers Anniversay Run - Update

FYI, there will be a Trial Run or Time Trial on 16th Sept 2007 for der coming PAR 3. This is to motivate you n better prepare you for der actual mental and physical battle. Light refreshment will be served - cinya ho liao leh! Hope those who will be taking part der event can turn up, bcoz some may be new to der route. At least they have a Trial Run so they won't run der wrong route (intentionally/shortcut or genuinely) or run into der lake on der actual day.

Der Time will divided into 3 sessions just incase there will be a large crowd.
7.45am - 1st Batch
8.00am - 2nd Batch
8.15am - 3rd Batch

brought 2u by Race Director Pm1

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