Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pacemakers Rock Siemens Run

Captim at final km water station

Cinya thirsty....

Enough liao..almost full muntah....

Aiyooo....can't control...muntah..sorry ya !!

Guna in fully pia, potong Naresh sayur

Naresh as usual 100% pia and concetrate

Who is this ? Toh slower in 2nd half.

Chen look easy run nia....

Loco Lai come ?

Adam also slower liao in 2nd half......

Raymond look steady in pia....

Suresh looking good b4 1km

Zul slow run, medal in hand happy liao,wait next run ya....!!

CM also give water ? Look slow nia !!!

Ccube concetrate, give him sometime in 10km, sure his old form will come back.

Pm2 Kelvin always like that, don't know suffer or talk kok so much...hmmm !!

What : Siemens 10km Run
When : 8th July 2007
Where : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Actual Distance : 10.66km (by Choi GPS)
Medals : 1st to 150th!

Cinya lucky this year medals were up to 150th, if compare to last year was only 30th nia. I finished 40th position last year, no medal liao. If this year 30th medals again, that mean I was ngam ngam at der ending line, then other have to eat shiet liao.

Der race started late for 10mins, waiting for der VVIP to arrived. After arrived, talk kok non stop. Der whole world of ppl have to wait for him to start, why can't they come on time? Sumore called themself as VVIP? Very Very Idiot people? opps!

About der race, no complain lah. Excellent water station, got 4 water station sumore leh. Drink until U pensan oso can liao! But der finishing part a bit short loh, bcoz sibo staring n finishing at der same point. If compare to other races wan 10.93km, all must enter der field wan mah.

About my run, I'm still very der amkam! (frust). My target is to dip below 46mins, sumore der distance is shorter liao. I still kenot make it, insert double amkan here! But lucky my ankle doesnt give me any problem here, cinya Halehluyah to my Ang Kong (My God).

Men Open :
43:55 - Gunaselan, Pm39 (20th)
45:13 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (22nd)
45:25 - Meyampam, New PM (23rd)
45:40 - Toh Wai Kuen, Pm14 (25th)
46:14 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (30th)
48:01 - Saravanan, New PM (38th)
50:40 - Tan Kean Peng (58th)
50:52 - Chen Keat Hoong, Pm8 (60th)
52:04 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (76th)
52:29 - Raymond Ng, Pm48 (83rd)
52:37 - Zulazlan, Pm43 (84th)
52:39 - Suresh, Pm47 (85th)
52:59 - Tan Ay Peng (89th)
53:24 - Ryan Teoh, Pm17 (93rd)
53:44 - Suresh Kumar (98th)
62:41 - Rashid, Runnermalaysia
69:08 - Albert Chow

Men Junior Veteran :
51:54 - Adam Loh, Pm29 (29th)
54:31 - Choi Chik Choy, Pm42 (51st)
54:39 - Tan Khee Meng, P2 (55th)
57:47 - Kelvin Ng, Pm2 (90th)

Women Open :
54:58 - Geraldine Low (12th)
58:35 - Grace Tok (17th)
61:00 - Quek Ai Ling, SG (20th)

Kindly update me ur timing & pos, PM's or not PM's all are welcome!

der Next Coming Major Series Races for July :
14th July - Uniten Run / Langkawi Beach run
15th July - Seremban Half Marathon (G7 Event)
15th July - Kota Kemuning Run / Ipoh Starwalk
21st July - Iron Hill Run
22nd July - Larian 10k KL / MII Walk
29th July - Melaka Historical Half Marathon (G7 Event)
29th July - Kuantan Beach Run / Larian Utusan 10K

Currently there are only 4 Pacemakers left in der running for der record of consecutive race. To beat der record, they need to race up to 13 consecutive events. Resting period is not more than 7days.
4 Event - Guna (Phuket, PBM, IIR, Siemens)
3 Event - Naresh (PBM, IIR, Siemens)
3 Event - Chen KH (PBM, IIR, Siemens)
3 Event - LFS (PBM, IIR, Siemens)

brought 2u Captain Ron


CP Waterman said...

Bravo! Cinya congratulate everyone of you!!!!

Anonymous said...

what laar ronnie you becoming slow...

social runner said...

Most of the time, people who called other people stupid, is stupid himself :-) Some people do not know how to run this country but making noise all the time.

Anonymous said...

i may be stupid but not where my body and legs are concerned. By resting properly, I avoid injury and am able to concentrate to breaking my previous times in each race.

Ever wondered why your time has stagnated Ronnie?

Anonymous said...

Wey ... No one stagnated lah ... I feel our times are misleading. Those who actually ran will know that Siemens 2007 was NOT an easy course (hilly), and also longer (10.6km). I'm a sub-45 10K runner but I couldn't break 45 on this run (full run 10.6km). But if I calculate based on 10km basis, then actually still sub-45! :-)