Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pacemaker #52 [Tan Ay Peng ]

(male veteran, DOB: 17 Aug 1955 / e-mail: / HP:019-2230 186 )

Hi this is Tan Ay Peng, a Malaysian Chinese Hokkien runner from Malaysian Selangor PJ 17.

I remember my running interest started in late year 2004. It was my brother Tan Ay Bing--- 2 years younger than me, who took me into road-running in year 2004. Before 2004, we did mountain climbing for few years, and now the interest in mountain is still running in my blood.

We both joined Pacesetters TTDI group where Francis Toh, PK Chan always been there to recruit runners into Pacesetter. Since then I ran 20 plus marathons…. And many half marathons….then many 10k….. I agree with one runner friend, Low Sui Wah, when we met in 2005 Thailand SongKhla run, he jokingly said that when he face a running menu of 42, 21, and 10k, he will sapu ( grab) the biggest portion, which is 42k. Reason being 21k make him “Jiak Be Pa” ( eat not full ). Ya, true, I always experience the endorphin injecting after running 42k is at least 4 times of running 10k--- so after run, we harvest 4 times of KICK, HIGH, HUNGER,THIRST, EXHAUSTION, SWEET SLEEP, YOUTH….. The maxim is: no pain no gain, more pain more gain.

I began to take note of many Ronnie’s group of fanatic runners 1 year back. Along the way I get to know them quite well—be him/her Chinese, Malay, Indian, when in the road, we are all good friends. I appreciate runners’ friends like PM22 ETTey/ KC Leong/ Weng/Jason/ChanWK who always run up and down taking photos for all of us. I was delighted by the vibrant coverage by this Blog. And I appreciate the sharing of info and experiences among runners. There were quite a number of events that I ran with Pacemakers runners group—2006 HadYai nature run, Year 2006 Penang Island Relay, 2007 Penang marathon---and I informed Ronnie that I am waiting to take up the number of 52 as a marker of my age. So when Pacemaker#50 Ben and #51 Yee Hua drive their S’pore car and horn around the corner, I know that is my turn. ( Hi, Ben and YH, I believe I met you in June 2007 Kajang UNITEN run, right?)

Runners in Pacemakers group are well knitted in this dynamic network through an interactive and motivating system. I believe many runners in P.maker are so addicted and develop this incurable Runners’ High Syndrome (RHS). They have to quench their running thirst and hunger by more and more upcoming runs!

Let’s enjoy the KICKof Sayuring and being Sayured ( taking and overtaking ) in the running course. Let’s spread this hopeless running virus to pakciks / maciks / brothers/ sisters/ boys/ girls/ uncles/ unties, thru sweat and saliva (propagating), so that less ppl will be queuing up in hospital, or slimming saloon. So I am now brooding a “carrot and stick” “conspiracy” to entrap my 5 ignorant and innocent kids—age 16 to 8 , one by one, into the gruesome running mill.

Long life running! Like Mak Rempits who enjoy in brooooming their bikes, hitting the mid-night streets for SPEED, let’s put on our morning running gown, and treat our itchy legs well with all running jamuan ( feasts ), week after week, month after month, year after year….

P/S : Dear Ron: I will be away to China in September, so reserve my PM vest until I come back.

AP Tan standing in middle

Ap Tan at der very far left

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Penguin 2 (Meng) said...

Aiyoyo ! Tan Aye Peng,

Why are you so clever one, go and join the correct running club.

Like that, forever, I can never run behind you anymore in all the future running races because you will be running faster and faster by virtue of being a member of these running fanatics.

Lu see beh gou seah (This is Hokkien lah - translation = You are very good in writing).

Anyway, wish you long live and forever very healthy and very fit.