Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pacemaker Network Run 2008 - for Volunteers

Result of Volunteers Run 4.6km (2 loops) :
25:05 - Tan Ping Ping
29:25 - Lee Yin Fook
29:25 - Grace Tok
29:49 - Jamie Pang
34:28 - Rachel Lee

To all der volunteers, thank you for coming. Really appreciate it, see you guy n girl on tuesday.

Pictures of Volunteers Run

Race Director Lai & Rachel Lee

Lai & Lee Yin Fook

Lai & Grace Tok

der volunteers album

Lai present der trophy to Pm1 as Race Advisor & Consultant

Race Director Lai Fong Sang & Abang Kptan

brought 2u by der Pacemakers!

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