Friday, December 28, 2007

Pacemakers Ranking Points for 2007

Cinya tough for Pm1 to mantain his top position for PM's ranking list on 3 consecutive yrs, finally Chen Pong Pong is der new #1 rank for PM's ranking pts 2007 after 2 year of being second best. Der ranking pts was introduce in 2005 to attract more PM's to join the races, every race they join will be awarded with ranking pts towards their hard effort. Year after year, more n more Pm's are getting crazy for race from north, south, east n west.

Ranking Points for 2007
843.8 pts - Thorsten Chen PM08
778.6 pts - Ronnie See PM01
761.3 pts - Naresh Kumar PM37

More ranking pts click here!

Ranking Points for 2006
460.7 - Ronnie See PM01
442.4 - Thorsten Chen PM08
424.7 - Richard Habeya PM26

Ranking Points for 2005
383.5 - Ronnie See PM1
342.5 - Thorsten Chen PM8
334.5 - Khoo Yit Kiat PM28

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