Thursday, January 31, 2008

Title: PAR4 – Change of venue

To all the participants of the 4th Pacemakers Anniversary Run (PAR4), please take note that the venue where the event will be held has been changed.

We do apologise for any inconveniences caused but the Lake Gardens Circuit is not available on the specified date due to major renovations and construction that shall be taking place at that time.

Kindly be advised that the new event venue shall now be at the Kepong Metropolitan Park (Taman Metropolitan Kepong). We have managed to get the approval for this venue. However also take note that due to the change of location, the distance of each loop has also increased to 3.3km from the 2.3km that you would have had to run at Lake Gardens . This means you now need to train harder!!

Once again, our apologies for the inconveniences caused and thank you again for your support!

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