Thursday, January 17, 2008

GE 30K photos for sale RM1 per each

and 50% of selling donate to Pacesetters

Hi, all runners and friends:

I am trying to do some contribution for our running club pacesetters for GE30k, will selling race photos on the same day at Lake Garden, 50% of the selling will donate to Pacesetters.

Each photo price is RM1 for soft copy, sorry for no hard copy service. There will selling in two ways, one is burn in cd which will charge RM3 per cd. And I will encourage for runners who have email address, buy as email photo, I will email them the original size photos before 6pm on the same day, this is for save time and help volunteers to less their burden.

You just need to refer the photos number which volunteers will write on the board and fill in the order form, please write it clear and correctly. And you can check with volunteers in the photo album, see how is the quality of the photos. Please queue up for check photos session as time is limit.

The soft copy photos can print out for 4R size.

Only for the photos which sold out will upload in to my album for this GE 30K event.

Last, as I want make it clear as this is service for runners and friends who support for Pacesetters organise event. Thanks for their support. No provide at other race event.

Oh ya, please get ready the small change to save time and reduce the volunteers's work. Thanks for your all cooperation.

After the race day, no accept further order.

Thanks and appreciate for your all support.

brought 2u by Tey Eng Tiong, Pm22

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