Friday, January 18, 2008

Pacemakers Fung Sup Master say...

Watch out for this Pacemakers in 30K battle this sunday. All is Sub 2'30 Kakis

1) Kenny Tan, Pm27
- Cinya powerful stamina base on his current form, sub 2'25 for sure wan.

2) Gunaselan, Pm39
- Not good in long distance, but plenty of powerful speed. By der time he want to pancit, oredi going to finish liao. Sub 2'28 if can lah.

3) Chen Pong Pong, Pm8
- Good in long n short, base on his current form shb be able to sub sub waterfall 2'20.

4) Vincent Tiong, Pm53
- Good, strong n powerful leg, but no patient. Shb be able to dip 2'25 like that lah, if no pancit.

5) Ronnie See, Pm1
- Kenot hope to high liao, juz recover from flu n kena cough n fatt siew. Anything below 2'30 oredi happy like kok liao.

brought 2u by Lilian See
(Fung Sup Master)

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