Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pm1 GE30K - Finishing Pia Video

Thanks to Rachel for taking der video clip on me at finishing line, eventho she was busy at luggage area.


Dinesh said...

Superb run! Absolutely salute you! Based on your performance today, you can run a 3:20 marathon so don't wait maybe now is the time to go for it, who knows what the future might bring!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I believe I can do a very good timing for marathon, however base on today route n amount of runners. Really ran out of mood, der last 10km I was running solo until finishing line. Very der suffering without a pacer, cinya tough like that. Imagine if this is happen to KLIM, I will die flat liao.

Try to be in my shoe, then u'll know.


Ronnie See said...

Anonymous was me der Pm1