Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ambank KLIM Circuit Run II (Result)

What : Ambank KLIM Circuit Run II
When : 24th February 2008
Where : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 2.8km per loops
Duration : 2h 15m for FULL / 1 hr 45m for HALF
Medal : 1st to 3rd Only n FREE entry for KLIM2008

Under FTAAA measurement is 2.675km per loop, however base on our Quantity Surveyor Mr. Lai Fong Sang measure wit der most accurate roller wheel at 2.765km, so we round it up as 2.8km.

Full Result @

Category A Men Open (16 - 34yrs)
2' 04.33 : 30.8km (11 Laps) - Richard Habeya, Pm26 (4th)
2' 16.02 : 25.2km (09 Laps) - Raymond Ng, Pm48 (9th)
2' 04.50 : 19.6km (07 Laps) - Ng Ping Loong, Sub Pm4 (18th)

Category B Men Jr Veteran (35 - 44yrs)
2' 14.59 : 28.0km (10 Laps) - Edison Chen Pong Pong, Pm8 (4th)

Category D Women Open (16 - 34yrs)
2' 13.33 : 25.2km (9 Laps) - Eng Seok Jiun, Pm11 (1st)
2' 14.49 : 22.4km (8 Laps) - Phyllis Kok, Pm41 (2nd)

Category E Women Veteran (34 - 44yrs)
2' 07.48 : 22.4km (8 Laps) - Geraldine Low, Pm31 (3rd)

Category F Men Open (16 - 34yrs)
1' 42.04 : 22.4km (8 Laps) - Ronnie See, Pm1 (4th)
1' 41.51 : 19.6km (7 Laps) - Tan Boon Seng, Pm16 (7th)
1' 34.14 : 11.2km (4 Laps) - Chin Tuck Meng (23rd)

Category H Men Jr Veteran (35 - 44yrs)
1' 35.55 : 19.6km (7 Laps) - Suresh, Pm47 (2nd)

Category J Men Sr Veteran (45 n Above)
1' 38.04 : 14.0km (5 Laps) - Kelvin Ng, Pm2 (17th)

Pm1 Split Time for 2.8km per loop:
02.8km - 11' 57.57
05.6km - 12' 17.85 > 24' 15.42
08.4km - 12' 33.08 > 36' 48.50
11.2km - 12' 50.59 > 49' 39.09
14.0km - 12' 51.10 > 1h 02m 30s
16.8km - 13' 06.29 > 1h 15m 36s
19.6km - 13' 25.22 > 1h 29m 01s **
22.4km - 13' 00.94 > 1h 42m 02s

** Note : This is where der timekeeper miss counted my loop.

I'm very sad to say this, why FTAAA always got problem come out during der Circuit Run. They oredi got 20yrs of experience, still can come out of alot of fak up! Very no mood to write long long, here are der short report.

Der Fak Up #1
Der TNS FTAAA timekeeper miss count me 1 loop of 2.8km, hello is 2.8km U know. Not big or not small, der it really can kill u liao der 1 loop. I argue n argue then only they check n apologies for their mistake. Der fella who are der timekeeper wan is wearing spec, I think 4 eye not enuf for him. He need 8 eye n 8 hand n 8 leg.

Der Fak Up #2
I'm very confident of top 3 placing after I manage to sayur one of der fast runner in loop 5, bcoz I oredi calculate my current position from start until der end. And I know who is infront of me n at der back of me. There is no way of cheating on me, however when reading der result I was place #4. I got der shock, n I go to look for der guy who got #3. And I say to him, how come I never seen u in front of me wan? blah.. blah.. blah...blah.. no point for me to protest to FTAAA, cause they 100% wont believe me!

brought 2u by Pm1


aharis said...

Gd luck guys!

Julie said...

NEVER argue with FTAAA! tHEY are always right. They don't believe in protest.

I also experience this in my last 2 MM WALK. Very der sure at last 5 - 8 should be disqualified by those officers just turn a blind eyes. Nevertheless, I still managed to win the medal. So imagine losing out more than 8 positions! The 2 ladies behing me more amkan. It was their very 1st competition and bcos some some idiot, they got no medals.

Time to change!

aharis said...

Those in FTAAA are untie2 yang sudah tua dan nyanyuk.
Even I send a complaint letter to them regarding KLTowerthon, no reply.

Likes Julie said.. they always right.

U mau argue with with untie2 (uncle = untie) yang sudah tua dan nyanyuk tu ka?