Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Blog Virus

There are times when visitors to der PM blog and shoutbox informed me that its infested with virus. I must admit this could happened as both are under the public domain of the Internet. So my advise to all fellow visitors who frequent der PM blog and shoutbox to ensure that their computers are equipped with Anti-X software and capable of launching the pop-up blocker. This will enable their computers to fence off any form of virus attack from both domains when that happens.

So with these, I hope you will take note of such action not only when surfing der PM blog and shoutbox, but also any other sites within the Internet. Anything can happen and create a havoc out of it from the Internet.

You may get this FREE download FIREFOX @
to prevent all the pop up & advertistment.

Happy surifing and drop by to der PM blog and Shoutbox more often!!!!

Ronnie See aka PM1

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