Monday, March 03, 2008

Dew Or No Dew

If u always follow this game show on Sat & Sun 8.30pm @ NTV7, cinya der kan cheong lah yday. Wit 1 smaller amount left of RM250 & 1 biggest amount left of RM100,000. And he got banker offer of RM50,800 but he take der risk to No Dew! And finally he won RM100,000! Fuyo!! 1st time I saw this game show until so happy!

Host : Aanont Wathanasin wit all der hot chick!

Deal or No Deal, the most addictive game show world wide, is now locally produced in English, heralding Malaysia’s first English game show in over a decade! Aanont Wathanasin aka ‘Non’, renowned radio deejay, hosts this highly entertaining fare accompanied by a penny-pinching banker and 26 gorgeous briefcase models. Contestants from all walks of life compete through a series of questions requiring knowledge and a fast buzzer hand for the top prize of RM100,000! Adapted from the original format from Endemol, the localized version of the game show comprises a total of 104-episodes. The first of these 52 episodes were produced in Chinese with Goh Wee Ping as host. Don’t miss a minute of Deal or No Deal, every Saturday & Sunday at 830pm, exclusively on ntv7.

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