Sunday, March 02, 2008

My 21K Long Slow Distance (LSD)

Today cinya lucky got Tay Poh Chye willing to pace wit me, else I will cinya suffer to bored. My regular pacer are not available, that is Kenny Tan & LFS. Alto der timing are not so good hor, but oredi cinya satisfying liao. TPC really far-lek all der way kau-kau lat from starting until finish, 1st I really cinya kenot adopt der pacing. However der 2nd half, I manage to running side by side until der last 1km I only sayur him kau-kau lat.. hehe!

Here are My Split time :
9.660km - 52m 01.30s (bkt aman to sri hartamas)
0.915km - 04m 43.46s > 56m 44.76s (petronas loop)
0.915km - 04m 31.73s > 1hr 01m 16s (petronas loop)
0.966km - 47m 09.43s > 1hr 48m 25s (back to bkt aman)

Total Distance : 21.15km

Tay Poh Chye was 31.88s behind me nia.

brought 2u by Pm1

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