Friday, May 02, 2008

Kuantan Beach Run - 1st June 2008



ju said...

What make you post this comment here? This event is organised by the Pahang's Government and supported by various government agencies including the Tourism Board (as per brochure).

Have you ever thought what kind of implication it has on you? You are taking a big risk! What appeared on the net is for public consumption and can deem as deragatory or malicious. You know lah, our gomen can't take any form of criticism in good faith for improvement.

PM1, just remind you as a good friend. You must have noticed all the million ringgit suit file by the various parties just before GE12.

You may act in good faith but do it in some other way - smart way! This blog is still one of the best runner's blog that I like to visit. So, don't cari susah lah sama itu Bee End.

stan said...

ju, you are a coward. By saying what you just said, you are putting everyone else at risk in the long term because no one will know the truth.

stanley said...

wei...who is this stan ar? Definitely not the real stanley ya...will the real stanley please stand up...he worries ju...this is a democratic country. Everyone is entitled to their opinion/stand. I don't have anything against your opinion & you are not a coward in my eyes.

ju said...

Stanley, who ever is that Stan definitely don't understand English. If Stan cannot under the 1st sentence of the last paragraph, pls go look for Kerismuddin and learn some English lah.

This blog very democratic one. Stan u are still welcome to criticise whatever in your mind.

I am also very critical and bold with my comment. No give chance but will not simply put myself in hot soup and open door for the other party to tembak kau kau lat.

Long live PM1!!!!!!!!!!

ju said...

That new comment on the run is truly misleading and put others in hot soup if the same history repeat!

If those who registered for the run last year and still have not get a refund, then PM1, you got a duty to inform the public (i mean runners lah) that they are registering at their own risk just in case the event is postpone indefinitely again and all fee and deposit paid may not be refundable like past year (provided you have prove lah)

See, this is what I call smart way lor ...... must have facts and figure or some form of substance in your criticism. Don't just langgar blindly. Like chinese say, die already also dunno WHY?