Thursday, May 01, 2008

Midnite Run on May 11th 2008 at Putrajaya

The above simulation run in preparing for Sundown Ultramarathon on May 31st 2008 is on!!
The Putrajaya Police have been informed

Venue : Precint 2, Palace of Justice (Next to Immgration Dept) - no problem of Car park
Time Start: 12:30am ( I be there abt 12am)
Time End : 4.00am
Date : May 11, 2008
Distance : 9.84km (from PJH round about to PICC, however if you go further to the Dataran round about its abt 10.5km).
Distance to complete : Minimum 25km Max 35km
Water Station : Mid point ie at the Palace of Justice
Dress Code : Light up yourself like Christmas tree , wear bright clothes (Luminous T will be good) the dryfit T....

Kinldy let me know how many runners are coming.

Reason for know number of runners, 'Mother' Teresa is sponsoring Nasi Lemak or Noodles and Tong Suey, so that she can prepare.

Cost of the purchase of mineral water, cups, ice and hot drinks will be share out and will not be more than RM5.

Tony Q (016-2742213)


ju said...

How to join the run ah? Sound very interesting. But am not a very fast runner leh. I know you guys are running kaki and really pia kau kau lat. What if I run 25Km and come back last ah .... say 4am or maybe .... i say maybe ..... 4.30am ...... still wait for me ah? Still got tong sui reserve ah and nasi lemak also lor???? I know FTAAA will ta pau by 3.30am lah but you are not AAA, so should understand runner better mah.

So, what say u?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Sundown Ultra Ronnie. Is that the one being run in Singapore?

Phil Essam

KOOKY KASH said...

Hi Ronnie, I will be running the marathon at Sundown. Good luck! Is there any difference in body reacting to running at night vs running daytime, do you know? I do all my training daytime.