Friday, May 30, 2008


Got the news few days ago by Jeremy who manages some Kenyans, confirmed today by one of my Kenyan's friend that two Kenyan runners (1 man & 1 lady) have been beaten during the race last sunday at PD 21K by some indians waiting for them on the road side. They reported to police but nothing. My friend told me also that Muniandy was picked up by a white car during the race and let few kilometers before the finish to be position 2. Even with a car can't beat the Kenyan. But normally he can't beat none of them. For Pacesetters 15k, his "managers" asked Richard to ask the Kenyans to let him win coz New Balance is his sponsor.

For Kuantan beach run, the organizer decided this week not to let foreigners to run except the one who have working permit. Last week, it was ok and now no. I guess the same person who complained at Orange run, who organized to beat the Kenyan, who pushed last year the organizer in Langkawi at the last minute not to let the Kenyans to run is behind that again, like that his runner can win international & Malaysian prizes on sunday. When i read the Kuantan form introduction "Kuantan beach run is anticipated by local and international runners from all over the world..." bullshit. Why do they put International prize if they can't run the race?

The 2 Kenyans beaten are now scared to run in Malaysia. I ran in many countries but it's the 1st time i see that. In Europe, we have between 500 & 800 Kenyans who run the races n never things like that happen. And we have also Ethiopians, Moroccans, Russians...

I think these guys should be prohibited to participate to the race after what happened in PD.

courtesy from Jean Pierre/Peter LAUTREDOUX


Tey said...

Must report to police and in newspaper....!!!

Shame on this runners ,...!!!

Adrian said...

This is totally outrageous!! It makes me angry - but I also feel a deep pity for the sad sad sad individuals who do this kind of thing!! - in a country who's establishment never stops going on about how tolerant everyone is to other races!!! Some protest action should be taken. Police Report = Waste Of Time.

Em Kam Yuen said...

Very pity to this kenyan runners, it was not their fault some more. Shd be beat the agent not the runners. Not sportmanship at all, foolish act!

stanley said...

If this report is indeed true, shame on you cheaters! You are no different than taking drugs for a podium stand! You are a disgrace to the running community!

jue said...

shame to those who use dirty tactics to win. be very ashamed of yourself!!

no point lodge police report. waste of time. agreed with adrian that we have to take action.

let us all wear an extra bib in future races to show solidarity and protest. bring back the true spirit of sportsmanship. restore the good rapport we used to own up to.

i condemned the cheaters kau kau lat. tho' the kenyans are natural good runners, they never take this for granted. they never failed to train day after day to sustain their performance unlike our locals. so the kenyans do deserve the winning prize!

to the kenyan runners, you are not alone. you have the support of many in the running communities who welcome u in our races. u are an inspiration to many.

Anonymous said...

I am not a great fan of Arsenal but I share the same view as the Arsenal boss. This excerpt is taken from the The New Sunday Times, March 9, 2008, page 50.

"I don't feel under pressure to win trophies this year more than any other year. I know people who have won trophies and I don't rate them. I can give you examples of people who have won 100 metres medals in the Olympic Games and they have cheated. I know people in football who have done exactly the same. To win trophies is important, but that is not the only thing that is important in sport - moral integrity is, too. What is important for me is to play in a fair way and in a way that people will enjoy. A trophy shows what you can do, but the way you play and the way you behave is also important. Winning cannot be everything. I do not understand those who come out to destroy people - that is not what life is about. Why should you always have to kill people to exist?"

I saw you at the finishing line in the RMAF Half Marathon, Peter. Congratulations! You were in a class of your own.

People behave in different ways. To some, the prize money is everything to them. To another, in a charity race that offers no money, but medals, they are reluctant to spread the news because to them, the medals are more important than the money needed by the needy.

Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap

True runner said...

I remmeber when running was pure fun for me and i was looking forward for the next weekend to go for another race.But now this is not so because some people dont even like to see me in the races here that is why i dont appear in so many race which i should go,like what is happening now Kenyan's are our guest and we should welcome them.I feature Malaysia will need Kenyans help as well to develop their runners ..So what happens if you dont treat you guest well now would you be able to return visit next time? ofcos NO!!

Anonymous said...

All runners should boycott races that discriminates or condone such cheating.

pm1 said...

cinya pity to those kenyan runners, msia is not safe now.

jeremy said...

Correction pls! Im not a manager but merely assisting Kenyan ahtlete while they here.

Being a hard core duathlete and thriathlete its my passion and with full of dedication to improve my personal time in every event and the only way is to fully commited and the right programe during my work out! So when I met few Kenyan last yr, told my self this is it. I aproach thm if I can train together and they welcome me and also given me lots of valuable tips. Trust me in three months or so every races my timing improve drastically. How? I follow the programe systematically given by them, simple as that.

Imagine how much would it cost me if I go to Kenya? I dont understand why no one the so called our top local runner do the same thing and learn from them instead of protesting and chase them out frm Mlysia! If we cant beat thm, wht the hack, joint them!! After all they are on free service, make use of the chances while they are here. They will be gone soon.. and the next two years they will be far ahead and competing in all over the country. Our top runner? Every one got the answer. Anyway I have got the training tips frm them.

So is only fair for me to assist on those races available and Im not making an income here to what some of them thought as im hvg a stable income as a property negotiator. How much do you think our organizer giving out prize money?

Lawrence said...

This is so indicative of the way things are done in this country. Cannot get what you want, stick out your hand and ask for bailouts. I thought it was only in politics, business and education that these kinda things happen. But now sadly even in sports.
Shame on these "jaguh Kampungs". When there's no real competition, the talk big and brag. But faced with real challenges, complain. But now even, violence. I hope they're damm proud of themselves. Winning by beating people up instead of actually beating them in a race.

Anonymous said...

When I read the title, I thot our Indian runners "beat" the Kenyans in the race. Turned out it's the other meaning of "beat".

In the true spirit of Malaysia Boleh, too. Too bad, so sad.

慧沁 Wai Sum said...

I have nothing to say but feel shame on this runners!(oh no! they are not deserved to be called "runners" they are gangster!) I dunno why this kind of thing keeps happening. I was thinking that Malaysia is a good place to run, we have unique building, we have greens in our city, we have seaview....but we won't be able to have world class running event coz if these kind of not up to the grade runners keep chasing good foreign runners away. Why made running so complicated? sad sad sad.

yipwt said...

walau eh,

Is this true? Where is the sportsmanship?