Friday, May 30, 2008

Shah Alam adidas King of the Road 2008


brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

Went to Adidas Mid Valley on 31 May and 1 June 2008. The KOTR run event forms are not found at the outlet on both days.

In addition, only one staff knows about the KOTR run event. The rest of the staff never even heard of it.

I am puzzle as to how the organisors at adidas HQ could state that forms will be out by 31 May 2008 when it isnt true.

The 2 page form post on this blog site could not be printed well. The output too small.

Anonymous said...

but, if im not mistaken
the venue 4 kotr is changed to Shah Alam already..
Please visit 4 more info

Anonymous said...

Since the Mid Valley Adidas outlet did not have the KOTR forms on 31 and 1 June 2008 (as promised on several blogs), I decided to go to Adidas HQ at Plaza Dsara to get the forms and do the registration at the same time on Tues 03 June 2008 10:30 - 11am.

I tried to call adidas office to get the specific location for their office building. However, the receptionist is always busy on the phone or not picking up when it’s ringing. Even when I click on the extension of some other dept, no one at adidas pick up the call. Thus, I had no choice but to walk around the area to locate the office. After circling the area on foot for 45mins I found the building.

I went to the office and ask the receptionist for the KOTR form. She said there is no such form and shroud her shoulders as though indicating "where got such thing".

So I told her that Krishnan posted his statement on several blogs stating that the forms will be out by 31 May 2008 (i.e. end of the month). So I thought it was impossible that there would be no forms already available at the HQ office? Then I remembered that adidas's motto is "impossible is nothing" I guess they really leave up to it!

Anyway, the reception noted my "amazement at the situation", and only then she proceeded to make several phone inquiries with her colleaques and finally requested me to wait for someone to search and bring out the forms.

I waited 10 minutes and decided to leave because I got a sms from my friend (don't drive) that the cops are coming to give saman. There is difficulty in finding a parking space despite looking, so I have to park along road earlier.

Bottom line, given the above experience, I have a poor first impression of adidas administration on the matter (phone call not picked up and forms not available as promised by its adidas rep on various blogs). I am skeptical that the organisation of the race will be anything to look forward to.

Also do you notice that there is no column on the form (found on this web blog) for the participant to indicate the size of the running vest?

I think I will skip this run although I was looking forward to it initially.

Anonymous said...

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