Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brooks Glycerin 5 for sale (used only few times)

I have a pair of almost new Brooks Glycerin 5 shoe (UK 8 / US 9 / EUR 42.5) for sale . I bought this for Singapore Marathon last year but it’s the wrong shoe (Neutral) for me. So I only wore this to run less than 60Km. Can you please help me advertise this on the PM1 blog and see who is interested ? Retail was Rm320++ and even after discount was RM220+ . I’m selling this for RM65 ..special for running friends. Don’t worry, it’s very clean and I don’t have Hong Kong foot, etc..hahaha. Kamsiah !

Ketam Batu @ Andrew

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OngKhengMai said...

Its look like a good shoe, and the price very attractive too. Make my heart gatal gatal want to have it.

But e, i just bought a pair of shoe last month nia, and my size is 10. Muahaha, not ngam for me.

Good luck for your sales ya. keke