Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Der Pacemaker Medal Tally Update 2008

Nazib Pulling Away!
Oredi into half way mark liao, look like this yr not many event is going on (market very slow, no sayur to buy gua?). Nazib der Pm14 is currently topping der chart, not easy to stay on top. Nazib has been doing amazingly despite der back injury he suffer at BHP Orange Run (insert Salute tripple Kau2 lat to him). Look like Naresh 41 medals per year is impossible to break liao, however Nazib still have der bright chance to be awarded as der Most Hardcore Pacemakers of der Year 2008. Only if he manage
to stay on top until end of der year lah, coz Ben Swee n Gunaselan oso der top hot favorite.

Der Medal Ranking Chart:
19 Nazib Ngainin PM14

17 Ronnie See PM1

16 Thorsten Chen PM8
16 Gunaselan Rajagopal PM39
16 Suresh PM47

14 Khoo Yit Kiat PM28

13 Raymond Ng PM48
13 Geraldine Low PM31
13 Ben Swee PM50
13 Lee Yee Hua PM51
13 Tan Ay Peng PM52

for more medal update detail, click here!

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